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Keyscan CIM Communications Interlink Module Access Panel Accessory
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Keyscan CIM Communications Interlink Module Access Panel Accessory

  • Also known as: CQ-CIM, KEY-CIM

  • Keyscan CIM is a CAN Bus-based communication control module. It optimizes server-to-access control unit (ACU) communication and offers users an ACU-to-ACU network for inter-panel communication, including anti-passback, global input/output, and global time zones. The CIM provides ground loop protection, better diagnostics, faster performance, and exceptional dependability.

    Standardized Cabling: The Keyscan CIM establishes communication links for each control panel with CAN Bus communication protocol using one twisted pair cable for server to ACU communication and another twisted pair for global communication, all standard CAT5 cabling.

    Ground Loop Tolerance: Keyscans CIM maximizes electrical isolation to earth ground providing tolerance against ground loops.

    Fault Tolerance: Unlike traditional communication devices, if one Keyscan CIM goes down due to unforseen circumstances, it wont take the entire loop down with it. The CAN Bus communication protocol offers non-interrupted communication of remaining devices on the CAN Bus network.

    Communication Speeds: Provides optimized communication speeds, up to 115K BPS.

    Enhanced Diagnostics: Provides a myriad of communication diagnostics annunciated with on-board LEDs for quick and easy device-based troubleshooting.

    Auto Bit Rate Configuration: The CIM is designed to automatically match bit rate speed with ACU configuration. This convenient feature dramatically reduces installation time.

    Network Adaptation: The CIM is designed to support Keyscans plug-on TCP/IP network adapter NETCOM2P/NETCOM6P (encrypted) for fast and trouble-free network based server to ACU communication.

    Ribbon Cable: The Keyscan CIM uses a simplified ribbon cable connection to ACU for fast installation.

    Global Communication: Utilizing the CAN Bus communication network, the CIM delivers impressive global communication capabilities that meet the demands of the most sophisticated access control implementations. Access Control Units with direct connectivity with the CAN Bus network now provide ACU to ACU communication without server dependence.
    • Can be used to establish a communication network among multiple Access Control Units
    • Uses Controller Area Network (CAN) Bus infrastructure to provide optimized server to Access Control Unit communication and ACU to ACU inter-panel communicaiton without Server dependence
    • Comes with ribbon cable
    • Requires REV 11, PC101X or PC109 ACU Boards with a minumum of V7.40 / 8.20 Firmware
    • One module is required for each access control unit
    • Optional NETCOM 2P / 6P can be mounted directly ont the board
    • Standardized Cabling: Connects CAN Bus utilizing CAT5 cabling.
    • Ground Loop Tolerance: Maximizes earth ground electrical separation, preventing ground loops.
    • Fault Tolerance: One CIM won't bring down the loop. CAN Bus protocol ensures continuous network connectivity.
    • Communication Speeds: 115K BPS communication speeds.
    • Enhanced Diagnostics: Provides troubleshooting diagnostics.
    • Auto Bit Rate Configuration: Automatically matches bit rate to control unit settings.
    • Network Adaptation: Supports Keyscan's TCP/IP plug-in NETCOM2P/6P. (pictured above)
    • Ribbon Cable: Fast installation via ribbon cable to control unit.
    • Global Communication: Direct CAN Bus connection enables ACU-to-ACU communication without a server. This enables new features and functions.
    • Provides optimized server to access control unit (ACU) communication
    • Gives users an all new ACU to ACU network providing inter-panel communication for global functions
    • The CIM also includes enhanced device-based diagnostics and improved communication speeds.

    Technical Specifications:

    • Product Type: Control Communication Module
    • Country of Origin: Canada
    • Additional Information: Country of origin: Canada. Country of origin is subject to change.
    • Device Supported: Access Control System, Communication System
    • Height: 3"
    • Height (mm): 76.2
    • Width: 4.6"
    • Width (mm): 117.475

    UPC: 800168004632

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