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Edwards Signaling is a worldwide leader in manufacturing audible and visual signaling devices. From buzzers, horns, strobes, and stacklights, to fire alarm panels, outdoor warning systems, door holders, and everything in-between. These devices are made to work in a variety of environments, and come with a host of accessories to supplement their primary functions. Edwards Signaling has been the leading manufacturer of notification appliances, fire & life safety devices, and other security system electronics for over a century, and will continue to provide top quality devices for years to come. They have been supplying signaling devices, since 1872 following the founding of the business by Edwards and David. The company has an extensive array of audio and visual signaling technologies, qualifying it as one of the largest in the industry and among the trend standards setters. Solutions sold by Edwards are second to none. They use the latest technologies modern science has to offer. Examples are:

  1. Ionization and photoelectric smoke detectors
  2. Pull stations.
  3. Alarm systems, among others.

The technologies have as diverse application options as they are in numbers. Applications range from industrial to hazardous location facilities and more. The brand is part of the United Technologies Corp, headquartered at Farmington, CT. If you have any questions or need help selecting Edwards Signalling products that fit your installation, please contact us at (516) 812-0917.