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Detex 102281-7 Mortise Cylinder for EAX-500 (Silver Finish) Detex EAX-500 Battery Powered Door or Wall Mount Exit Alarm - Grey Detex ECL-230D Exit Control Push Bar Hardware
Our Price: $32.00
Our Price: $103.99
Our Price: $178.95
102281-7 Detex | JMAC Supply EAX-500 Detex | JMAC Supply ECL-230D Detex | JMAC Supply
Detex EAX500BK Detex EAX-300 GRAY Detex EAX500W Battery Powered Door Mounted Weatherized Exit Alarm, Gray
Our Price: $147.00
Our Price: $139.95
Our Price: $170.00
EAX500BK Detex | JMAC Supply EAX-300 GRAY Detex | JMAC Supply EAX500W Detex | JMAC Supply
DETEX-ECL-445K-7 5-pin Rimmed Cylinder w/Two Keys Detex MS2049S MS-2049-S Detex MS2049F MS-2049-F
Our Price: $31.00
Our Price: $83.25
Our Price: $48.89
ECL-445K-7 Detex | JMAC Supply MS-2049-S Detex | JMAC Supply MS-2049-F Detex | JMAC Supply
Camden 100040 SPDT Momentary Contact Switch DETEX PROXIPEN-2 Compact Reader for RFID Tags Detex ECL-230D BLACK
Our Price: $20.20
Our Price: $849.00
Our Price: $181.00
100040 Camden Door Controls | JMAC Supply PROXIPEN-2 Detex | JMAC Supply ECL-230D BLACK Detex | JMAC Supply
Camden CM-1000/60KD Mortise Cylinder, Solid Brass, Chrome Finish, Keyed Alike, 1-1/8" Detex ECL-230D-PH Ruggedized Dead Bolt w/ Long Bar & Sign Detex V40 EB CD 628 99 36
Our Price: $11.76
Our Price: $213.95
Our Price: $341.98
CM-1000/60KA Camden Door Controls | JMAC Supply ECL-230D-PH Detex | JMAC Supply V40 EB CD 628 99 36 Detex | JMAC Supply
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The Detex Corporation is a world leader of manufactured security solutions. Their products range from exit bars, vertical rod devices, and mortise locks, to power supplies, exit alarms, and watchclocks. Detex manufactures many different devices and solutions that fit a variety of needs in an entrance and perimeter security application. Detex also manufactures a number of solutions that are made to aid security personnel as well. This includes proximity reader systems designed to verify guard tour information and data acquisition, watchclocks, and guard reporting software. No matter what the application, there is sure to be a high quality Detex manufactured solution.