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  • Addressable Paging Splitter

    Addressable Paging Splitter (SP4-APS) for the SAFEPATH Emergency Voice Evacuation Systems was designed to control selectable paging and background music (BGM) connected to the SAFEPATH4 Multi-Function Facility Communication System using an RS485 connection.
  • Audio Boosters

    Supervised Audio and Audio/Strobe Power Boosters with 24VDC battery backup capabilities are designed to provide for additional supervised audio power for live voice or pre-recorded messages.
  • Battery Kits

    Battery Kits are sealed lead acid batteries, leak-proof, maintenance free, and designed per NFPA 72 for use with engine driven generators, local central station or proprietary systems and auxiliary or remote station systems.
  • MNS Microphone

    The SAFEPATH Mass Notification System Microphone (SPMNS-MIC) is a dedicated microphone for mass notification and emergency communications applications.
  • Remote Microphones

    The SPRM is designed for use with the SAFEPATH®4 Facility Communications and Voice Evacuation System - SP40S, SP40/2 or SP4-RMX.
  • Speaker Audio Splitter

    Enables a single supervised speaker audio output to drive up to two Class A supervised speaker audio outputs or four Class B supervised speaker audio outputs.
  • Supervised Volume Control

    An accessory to the SAFEPATH Voice Evacuation System, the SP-SVC allows manual volume setting for telephone paging and background music for a specific speaker or speaker zone.
  • Telephone Zone Controller

    The SP4-TZC is designed to access individual or multiple speaker zones throughout the SAFEPATH4 Multi-Function Facility Communication System via the telephone.
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