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Arecont Vision, also know as Arecont Vision Costar is a leading manufacturer of megapixel image processing for security systems worldwide. Launched in 2003, the company became a business unit of Costar Technologies, Inc. in 2018. From the most advanced visual technology to superior IP Video surveillance, Arecont Vision is on the cutting edge of high-quality image processing for professional security applications. The Arecont brand is best known for its optimal quality security innovations, top-notch performance and a large variety of megapixel IP cameras. With the largest selection of megapixels cameras and equipment in the world, Arecont Vision helps protect and secure assets and customers through heightened security innovations and perfect quality surveillance. Their partnership with the Channel Partner Certification Program and the Technology Partner Program, has enabled Arecont Vision to capitalize on integration with more than 80 of the world’s NVR and VMS technology platforms and has been able to offer megapixel education to anywhere there is a need.

Arecont Vision is responsible for supplying business owners and security administrators daily monitoring, situational awareness as well as life safety and merchandising. Surveillance systems which offer remote accessibility and scalability through the use of superior proven technology. With pictures that have the visual capabilities for full facial detail, perfect for post-event investigations, Arecont Vision offers security solutions that are both flexible and cost-effective.

Through detailed and superior image processing technology Arecont Vision has been able to deliver customers innovative solutions to security management systems. With such a broad spectrum of applications and venues, they have been able to supply security decision-makers around the globe with picture-perfect surveillance to address their evolving needs with a high performing and invaluable solution.

Now, we at JMAC Supply are proud to bring Arecont Vision's amazing line of products to you! With its wide range of superb imaging technology, Arecont Vision has some of the highest performing and affordable cameras in the world. Their megapixel panoramic cameras combine top of the line imaging capabilities with efficiency making Arecont Visual one of the top choices for IP video network execution and solutions where security management is an absolute necessity.

The industry leading megapixel surveillance solutions offered by Arecont Vision have gained global recognition not only for their reliability and versatility but also for the multitude of integrated options available in a plethora of models. These options include products such as: Megapixel 180 Panoramic IP Cameras or MegaDome H.264 IP cameras, with capabilities of over 80 billion operations a second while maintaining full motion progressive scans. Contact the JMAC Supply video surveillance specialists with any product selection inquiries to ensure that the correct Arecont Vision solution is selected for each unique application.

For megapixel high quality visual surveillance, there is no substitute for Arecont Vision. When purchasing Arecont Vision equipment, there is no substitute for JMAC.