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Alarm Lock has been an established manufacturer of security electronics and accessories for over 40 years. They specialize in manufacturing devices such as access control locks, hands-free egress systems, electromagnetic locks, mortise locks, digital lock, door alarms, and more. Alarm Lock access control devices include both standalone devices and the all-new wireless trilogy Networx series of devices. These devices can fit a multitude of doors including narrow stile doors, wooden, aluminum, and steel doors as well. Alarm Lock systems and devices can support hundreds of pin codes, multi-level user codes, and are fingertip programmable. No matter what the application, Alarm Lock is sure to provide a high powered, high-quality, cost-effective solution and support a vast array of locking options and designs. As a specialist and leader in access and egress solutions, they are positioned, experienced, and seasoned to offer quality products and services. Alarm Lock also supports a broad base of sectors, from schools to government buildings. It is particularly important to note that the company is very keen on current technologies and software trends. By joining Alarm Lock, your safety will be in the right hands. If you have any questions or need help selecting Alarm Lock products that fit your installation, please contact us at (516) 812-0917.


Alarm Lock Catalog

Alarm Lock Installation Manuals

  1. 277-12 Step Down Transformer Installation Instructions
  2. 700, 710, 250, 260 Installation Instructions
  3. A-100 Keypad Wiring and Programming Instructions
  4. A-100WP Sealed Environment Keypad Wiring & Programming Instructions
  5. Addendum to the 4500 Series Installation Instructions
  6. AL-IME2-EXP "Expander" Module Installation Instructions
  7. AL-IME2-POE "Power Over Ethernet" Gateway Installation Instructions
  8. AL-IMEPOE "Power Over Ethernet" Gateway Installation Instructions
  9. AL-IMEPOEP Plenum-Rated Gateway Installation Instructions
  10. ALPCI2-U Communication Interface Cable for DL-Windows Installation Instructions
  11. ArchiTech_ by Networx_: For Cylindrical Locks Using Surface-Mounted Networx Control Units
  12. ArchiTech_ by Networx_: For Mortise Locks Using Mortised Networx Control Units
  13. ArchiTech_ by Networx_: For Mortise Locks Using Surface-Mounted Networx Control Units
  14. Cylinder Adapter Kit Installation Instructions
  15. DL1200 - DL1300 - PDL1300 Installation Supplement
  16. DL1200, DL1300, PDL1300 Narrow Stile Mounting Instructions
  17. DL1200ET, DL1300ET, PDL1300ET Installation Instructions
  18. DL1225 and DL1250 Narrow Stile Access Locks Mounting and Installation Instructions
  19. DL5200, DL5300, PDL5300 Double-Sided Installation Instructions
  20. DL6200, PDL6200 and PDL8200 Installation Instructions
  21. Door Contact Sensor and Door Contact Magnet Example Installation Instructions
  22. ET-PDL Trilogy Panic Exit Device Trim Instructions and Template for Marks Model M9900 Rim Exit Devic
  23. Exit Trim: Networx Circuit Board Plug & Socket Connections
  24. Lever and Return Spring Upgrade Kit
  25. Lever Set Screws (Two Sizes)
  26. Model 22 Outside Door Pull Installation Instructions
  27. Model 250WP / 260WP (Waterproof) Installation Instructions
  28. Model 700WP / 710WP (Waterproof) Installation Instructions
  29. Networx 6000 Series Relay Wire Colors
  30. NETWORXPANEL Wireless Networx Control Panel (NETDK/NETPDK) Installation Instructions
  31. PDL/DL6500 Supplement
  32. PDL6100 & DL6100 Installation Instructions
  33. PDL6600, DL6600, PL6600 Installation Instructions (Supplement to WI1004)
  34. PG10 Installation Instructions
  35. PG30 Installation Instructions
  36. PP100 Installation Instructions
  37. Quick Start Push Bar Model 715
  38. RR-EXITTRIM Wireless Remote Control Receiver Installation and Programming Instructions
  39. RR-PM1200 Electromagnetic Lock Installation / Programming instructions
  40. Trilogy Networx NETDK & NETPDK Installation Instructions

Alarm Lock Miscellaneous

  1. 788 Monitoring Function Instructions Model 250 / 700
  2. Alarm Lock ALC-6 Wiring Diagram
  3. Alarm Lock ALC-8-4 Wiring Diagram
  4. DL-Windows 3.5 (or Higher) Expanded Features
  5. DL-Windows 4.1 Upgrade Notice
  6. DL-Windows Timezone Scheduling Scenario Examples (v4.1x)
  7. DL-Windows V5.0.0 Initial Release (Changes and New Features)
  8. DL-Windows Version 3.5.3 Expanded Features
  9. DL2700 Parts List With Exploded View
  10. DL2700WP Parts List With Exploded View
  11. DL2750WP Parts List With Exploded View
  12. DL3000 Parts List With Exploded View
  13. DL3000WP Parts List With Exploded View
  14. DL3000WP Wiring Instructions
  15. DL3500EX Spindle & Roll Pin Installation Instructions
  16. Eagle 4700 Wiring Diagram
  17. Eagle 4700DL Wiring Diagram
  18. Lever Connector Replacement Kit
  19. Mortise / Exit Trim Outside Housing (Parts Breakdown)
  20. Mortise / Networx Inside Housing (Parts Breakdown)
  21. Mortise, Exit Trim, Lever Return Spring Replacement Kit
  22. PDL3000K Key Logging Feature and Wiring Instructions
  23. Trilogy Tailpiece Diagram

Alarm Lock Price Book

Alarm Lock Programming Manuals

  1. "Residency/Privacy" DL4100 & DL4500 Programming Instructions
  2. "Residency/Privacy" PDL4100 & PDL4500 Programming Instructions
  3. DL-Windows for Trilogy Networx V4 User's Guide
  4. DL1200 Narrow Stile Programming Instructions
  5. DL1200ET Programming Instructions
  6. DL1300 Programming Instructions
  7. DL1300ET Programming Instructions
  8. DL2700LD Programming Instructions
  9. DL2800 Programming Instructions
  10. DL3000 Programming Instructions
  11. DL3200 Programming Instructions
  12. DL3500 & DL3500EX Programming Instructions
  13. DL5200 Programming Instructions
  14. DL5300 Programming Instructions
  15. DL6100 Programming Instructions
  16. DL6500, ETDLN Programming Instructions
  17. ETDL Programming Instructions
  18. ETPDL Programming Instructions
  19. NETPDK / NETDK Networx Panel Programming Instructions
  20. PDK3000 Programming Instructions
  21. PDL1300 Programming Instructions
  22. PDL1300 Programming Instructions
  23. PDL1300ET Programming Instructions
  24. PDL3000 & PDL3500 Programming Instructions
  25. PDL5300 Programming Instructions
  26. PDL6100 Programming Instructions
  27. PDL6200 & PDL8200 Programming Instructions
  28. PDL6500, ETPDLN Programming Instructions
  29. PDL8600 & ETPDNIRX Programming Instructions
  30. PL3000 Programming Instructions
  31. PL3500 and ETPL Programming Instructions
  32. PL6100 Programming Instructions
  33. PL6500, ETPLN Programming Instructions
  34. RR-1BUTTON Programming Instructions
  35. RR-4BKEYFOB Programming Instructions
  36. RR-MORTISE Wireless Remote Control Receiver Installation Instructions
  37. RR-PM1200 Electromagnetic Lock Operating and Programming Guide
  38. RR-RECEIVER Wireless General Purpose Remote Control Receiver Installation and Programming Instructio
  39. Wireless Trilogy Networx PL6600 & ETPLNRX Programming Instructions
  40. Wireless Trilogy PDL6600 & ETPDLNRX with Door Monitoring Programming Instructions

Alarm Lock Spec Sheets

  1. "Residency/Privacy" 4100 / 4500 Series Marketing Spec Sheet (v.1)
  2. "Residency/Privacy" 4100 / 4500 Series Marketing Spec Sheet (v.2)
  3. A-Series Keypads Spec Sheet
  4. AL-IME Networx Gateway Spec Sheet
  5. ALA490
  6. ALA502 Alarm Lock Networx Locks Integrated on Lenel Sell Sheet
  7. ArchiTech Step Up Sheets
  8. Buildings Profit Center flier
  9. DL2700 Spec Sheet
  10. DL2700LD Spec Sheet
  11. DL2800 PDF Spec Sheet (ALA167a)
  12. DL6100 / PDL6100 Networx Wireless Lock Spec Sheet
  13. Networx Wireless Keypads and NETWORXPANEL 2-Door Access Controller Spec Sheet
  14. NETWORXPANEL Specification Sheet
  15. PDL3000 Spec Sheet
  16. PDL7100 Spec Sheet
  17. PL3000 Spec Sheet
  18. PL6200 / PDL6200 Trilogy Networx Intelli-Edge Prox Lock Spec Sheet
  19. Trilogy & Networx: Standalone and Wireless Access Control Locks & Special Application Models
  20. Trilogy 4100/4500 Spec Sheet
  21. Trilogy Exit Spec Sheet
  22. Trilogy Narrow Stile Spec Sheet
  23. Trilogy Networx Interfaces: Ethernet and 802.11B/G Gateway specifications
  24. Trilogy Proximity Mortise Locks

Alarm Lock Tech Tips

  1. "DTM Download" User Code is out of place in DL-Windows 4.1.96
  2. "Runtime Error" Message Appears when Launching DL-Windows 4.1.96
  3. Alarm Lock Privacy Function Wiring
  4. Alternative method to "Default" any Alarm Lock Lockset
  5. ASA Strike Plate for All Alarmlock CR (Non-Dead Bolt) Mortise Locks
  6. ASA Strike Plate Template for All Alarm Lock Dead Bolt Mortise Locks
  7. Assigning Group Associations for Multiple Users
  8. Convert a DL or PDL Cylindrical Lockset to a small format (BEST) Interchangeable Core Cylinder
  9. DL-Windows Event Log Viewer: "Still Locked _ No Override" Event (Tech Tip)
  10. DL-Windows Holiday Planning Worksheet
  11. DL-Windows Security Password Recommendation
  12. Door Position Indicator Switch Misalignment for models PDL4100
  13. Door Prep for 2-1/8
  14. Enable Toggle Passage Mode for models without the Toggle Feature
  15. Exit Trim Wire Extension Assy
  16. How to identify and locate a specific DL-Windows account file
  17. How to install Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express manually
  18. How to Move Existing Networx Account Files to a New Computer
  19. How to Restore Factory Master Code (All DL2700 Locksets)
  20. How to use an Outside Rim Cylinder with Finger Pull for Exterior Access
  21. If a New Schedule is not Working (For all T3 and Networx Locksets)
  22. Installation instructions for Yale full format interchangeable core tailpiece (part S6070-Y)
  23. Lenel OnGuard 7.0 Open Security Platform
  24. Loss of PC Download code when cloning a DL2800 profile in the software.
  25. Programming the NETWORXPANEL Wireless Remote Release Buttons
  26. Rebuild a Lost Account by Uploading from the Lock
  27. Runtime Error 429 - ActiveX Component Can't Create Object
  28. Securing an unlocked Trilogy lockset with a drained battery pack
  29. Set Security Password (Upgrading DL-Windows from V3.6.X to V4.X)
  30. Verify Networx hardware communications before installation
  31. What's in the Box? DL3500CR
  32. What's in the Box? Model 11A
  33. What's in the Box? Model PG30 Pilfergard Door Alarm
  34. What's in the Box? Model PG30KPD External Keypad
  35. What's in the Box? Networx Gateway AL-IM80211
  36. What's in the Box? NETWORXPANEL
  37. What's in the Box? Model 715
  38. When a Networx Gateway Cannot be Discovered
  39. Wireless Gateway Troubleshooting
  40. Wiring Model 715 Delay Egress Panic Bar