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Aiphone is one of the most respected manufacturers of security communication systems worldwide. This includes security and property protection systems that are suited for a range of industries. Because Aiphone intercom products are designed to meet your unique security challenges, you can count on them to secure your office, campus, or institution. 

We deliver a comprehensive range of Aiphone security products so you can find the perfect unit for the needs of your establishment:

  • Handsets - we have tenant handset room stations designed for the VC-M system. Ease communication in your commercial establishment with top-tier Aiphone room station handsets. 
  • External Relays - shop from a wide selection of call extension relays designed for the RY-AC system. These units are ideal for activating external doorbells, buzzers, or signaling devices when a call is received. They can also be used for call extension on the TD-H, LEF, TD-Z, and IE-8MD systems. 
  • Desk Mount Call Units - JMAC Supply delivers desk mounted master stations that are compatible with LE series sub/door stations. These units come with LED lights that indicate call status for your convenience. 
  • Exchange Units - we have central exchange systems for the AX Series. These allow connection of up to 8 masters and 24 door stations and also come with an output for video, CCTV, and access controls. These models essentially serve as the ‘brains’ of your AX Series. 
  • Surge Protectors - these products will protect your Aiphone intercom system from damage as a result of power surges or lightning strikes. Our Aiphone surge protectors will safeguard all your Aiphone DC-powered systems and intercom circuits.
  • Video Door Stations - our IS-DV IS Series video door stations feature a die cast surface, multi-function camera, speaker, microphone, and call button. Designed to be reliable over a long duration, these units are vandal and weather resistant. 
  • Access Control Keypads - we have standalone access keypads that are designed to match the look of the JK-DV, JF-DV, or MK-DV door stations. These units are created from tough cast zinc and can store up to 100 access codes. They come with dual (dry) contacts for mag lock activation or door release. 
  • Parts and Accessories - check out our extensive variety of common parts and accessories used with Aiphone intercom systems. Keep your equipment working and your premises secured at all times.

Aiphone Catalog

Aiphone Compatibility Chart

Aiphone Design Guide

Aiphone Instructions

  1. AC-10S AC-10F Instructions
  2. AT-406 AT-306 Instructions
  3. AX Operations
  4. AX Series Indoor Sub Station Instructions
  5. AX Series Installation Operations Manual
  6. AX-DV(F)-P Instructions
  7. AX-Series Audio Door Stations Instructions
  8. AX-SS Sub Station for AX Instructions
  9. AXW-AVT Instructions
  10. AXW-AVT/AXW-AVR Instructions
  11. AXW-AZ Instructions
  12. AXW-PA1 Instructions
  13. BA-1 Paging Adapter Instructions
  14. BG-10C Instructions
  15. C-123L/A Set Audio Door Answering System
  16. C-123LW Dual Master Chime-Com System
  17. Chime Tone Intercom, IE-1AD(U)
  18. ChimeCom 2 Chime Intercom CCS-1A, CC-1M Installation
  19. DA-1MD Two-Wire Electric Lock Door Phone
  20. DA-2DG, DA-2DS, DA-4DG, DA-4DS Installation Manual
  21. DAK-2S Dual Adaptor Kit for 2 Station Systems
  22. DB Series Hands-Free Two-Wire Door Answering Intercom Instructions
  23. EL-12S Electric Door Strike Instructions
  24. GF Desk Mount Bracket
  25. GFK-PS Waterproof Station
  26. GT Dip-Switch Setting Matrix
  27. GT Entrance Guard System Operation Manual
  28. GT Series Multi-Tenant Entry Security Quick Start Installation Guide
  29. GT Series Multi-Tenant Wire Distance Chart for Alternative Wire Types
  30. GT Series Parts Reference Guide
  31. GT System Installation Manual
  32. GT-1AO Operation Guide
  33. GT-1C Operation Manual
  34. GT-1C Tenant Station Operation Guide
  35. GT-1C7-L/GT-1C7, GT-1M3-L/GT-1M3 Installation Manual
  36. GT-1D Apartment Intercom System Residential Station
  37. GT-1D Operation Guide
  38. GT-1M-L Operation Guide
  39. GT-1M-L Operation Manual
  40. GT-1M3 Operation Guide
  41. GT-2C Operation Guide
  42. GT-2H Operation Guide
  43. GT-AC Access Control Keypad Module
  44. GT-HID HID Proximity Card Reader Module for GT Entrance Panel
  45. GT-OP2/GT-OP3 Installation Instructions
  46. GT-TLI Telephone Line Interface for GT Series
  47. GTA Expanded Configuration
  48. GTA-Standard Wiring Diagram
  49. GTV Expanded Configuration
  50. GTV Standard Configuration
  51. GTW-VOA Video Output Adaptor
  52. GTX-LC GT System Lift Control Adaptor
  53. HID-SS Proximity Reader Module for 2-Gang Entrance Panel instructions
  54. IE-SSA, IE-SSR Instructions
  55. IER-2 Installation and Operation Manual
  56. IM Series Instructions - Security Window Intercom System
  57. IM-1 Kit Contents
  58. IS Tower Strobe Illuminating Light Wire Instructions
  59. IS-DVF-2RA Instructions
  60. IS-DVF-2RA-FR Instructions
  61. IS-IFB Interface Box Instructions
  62. IS-SS-2RA Instructions
  63. IS-SS-2RA-R Instructions
  64. IS-SS-RA Instructions
  65. IS-SS-RA-R Instructions
  66. IS-WBCA, IS-WBCE Instructions
  67. IS-WBHA, IS-WBHE Instructions
  68. IX-1AS / IX-10AS 2-Wire Network Adaptor Instructions
  69. IX-DF-2RA-FR Instructions
  70. IX-DF-2RA, IX-SS-2RA Instructions
  71. IX-PA Network Paging Adapter Installation
  72. IX-SS-RA-FR Instructions
  73. JBW-BA Instructions
  74. JBW-M Instructions
  75. JF-2MED, JF-2HD Instructions
  76. JF-2SD Sub Station Instructions
  77. JF-DA, JF-DV, JF-DVF Instructions
  78. JF-DVF-HID Instructions
  79. JK-1HD Instructions
  80. JK-1MD Instructions
  81. JK-1MED Instructions
  82. JK-1SD Instructions
  83. JK-DA, JK-DV, JK-DVF Instructions
  84. JK-DVF-AC Instructions
  85. JK-DVF-HID Instructions
  86. JK-MB Instructions
  87. JKW-BA Instructions
  88. JKW-IP Instructions
  89. JO-1FD Instructions Manual
  90. JOS-1A, JOS-1V, JOS-1F Kit Installation Instructions
  91. JP-4HD Color Video Intercom Sub Master Station Instructions
  92. JP-4MED Hands-Free Color Video Intercom Master Station Instructions
  93. JP-DA Video Door Station Instructions
  94. JP-DVF-HID Vandal Resistant Color Video Door Station Instructions
  95. KAW-D Installation for KB/KC Series
  96. KB-3MRD, KB-3HRD Instructions
  97. KB-3SD Audio-Only Sub-Master Station Instructions
  98. KB-MAR Instructions
  99. KBW-M Instructions
  100. KC-32EU Instructions
  101. KMB-45 Instructions
  102. LE-D, LE-DA Instructions
  103. LE-DL Instructions for LEF System Door Station
  104. LE-SS/A, LE-SSR - for LEF, LEM, AP, MP Systems
  105. LEF Series Instructions
  106. LEF-1C Instructions
  107. LEF-3L Instructions
  108. LEF-C Instructions - Semi-Flush Mount Speaker System
  109. LEM-1 and LEM-3 Master Selective Intercom Instructions
  110. LS-NVP/C Instructions - Vandal Proof Sub Station
  111. MC-60/4A, MC-60/4B Instructions
  112. MC-A/A Installation Instructions
  113. MCW-S/A Instructions
  114. MKW-DK/A Instructions
  115. Modular Tower Assembly Instructions
  116. Paso Paging Amplifiers DMA2060, DMA2120 Instructions
  117. PS-1225 Instructions
  118. PS-1820 - DC Power Supply for Intercom
  119. PS-2420 - DC Power Supply for Intercom
  120. RY-18L Instructions
  121. RY-24L Instructions
  122. RY-3DL Door Release Adaptor Instructions
  123. RY-AC/A Instructions
  124. RY-ES Instructions
  125. SBX-1G Stainless Steel Surface Mount Box Instructions
  126. SBX-2G Surface Mount Enclosure Instructions
  127. SBX-ACE Instructions for Intercom Door Station and Access Control Device
  128. SBX-AXDV30 Instructions for AX-DV
  129. SBX-AXDVF Instructions - Stainless Steel Surface Mount Box for AX-DVF
  130. SBX-DV30 Stainless Steel Angle Box for JF-DV, JK-DV, JO-DV, JP-DV
  131. SBX-DVF Stainless Steel Surface Mount Box Instructions
  132. SBX-DVF-P Stainless Steel Surface Mount Box Instructions
  133. SBX-LSE Security Lock Box Instructions
  134. SBX-LSP Instructions
  135. SKK-620C Power Supply Adaptor Instructions
  136. TAR-3 Call Extension Relay Instructions
  137. TW-SPL Door Station Adaptor Plate for Towers

Product Guide

  1. 3 LEF-10C with All Call and One Door
  2. AX Master Options via the 6 Pin Connector
  3. AX QuikStart Guide
  4. AX w Viking K-10-5 and RC-2A for CO Line Transfer and Door Release
  5. AX-AB w External Amp for Increase Volume
  6. AX-DV External Switch Modification
  7. AX-DV-P, AX-DVF-P Video Door Solutions for AX Series
  8. AX-DV, AX-DVF Video Door Stations for AX Series
  9. AX-Series Open Collector Output
  10. JF/JB Compatibility Diagram
  11. JF2-EXTSIG QuikDraw Diagram Supplement Sheet
  12. JK-EXTSIG QuikDraw Diagram Supplement Sheet
  13. JKW-IP Operation Manual
  14. KB-3MRD Main Station
  15. KB-3MRD Operation Manual
  16. KB-EXTSIG Diagram
  17. LE-SS / LESSR Vandal and Weather Resistant Sub Station
  18. LEF-1301 Exit Signaling
  19. LEF-1302 Reducing RFI
  20. LEF-1303 Power Surge Info
  21. LEF-1304 Adding K Terminals
  22. LEF-1306 Volume Control at Sub Station
  23. LEF-1307 Monitoring Indicator on LE Series Substation
  24. LEF-1308 Tape Recorder Output
  25. LEF-1309 Selective Door Release
  26. LEF-1310 Various Relay Contacts Using the LEF System
  27. LEF-1311 Signal Call Sub Station to Receive All Call and BGM
  28. LEF-1312 Separate Transmit and Receive Volume Controls
  29. LEF-1313 Increase LED Timing Circuit
  30. LEF-1316 Convert Privacy Switch to Full Time Privacy Mode
  31. LEF-3C, LEF-5C, LEF-10C Master Sentry Semi-Flush Mount Loudspeaker System
  32. MC-60/4 Intermixed with MC-3 System
  33. RY-3DL Selective Door Release
  34. SBX-ACE Video Mounting Accessories

Aiphone Specs

  1. AH-108, AH-16TN, AH-32TN for Intercom Paging and Paging/Talkback Sytems
  2. AX Series Specifications
  3. AX-084C Central Exchange Unit for AX Series
  4. AX-248C Central Exchange Unit for AX Series
  5. AX-8M Audio Master Station for AX Series
  6. BG-10C All Call and Chime Adaptor
  7. DB-1MD Audio Master Station for the DB Series
  8. External Signaling Relays
  9. GT-1A Audio Only Tenant Station
  10. GT-1C7 7" Video Tenant Station
  11. GT-1D Handset Tenant Station
  12. GT-1M3 3.5" Video Tenant Station
  13. GT-2C Master Monitor Station
  14. GT-2H Sub-master Monitor Station
  15. GT-DM All-in-One Video Entrance Station
  16. GT-DMB-N 3-in-1 Video Entrance Station with NFC
  17. GT-MCX Network Adaptor
  18. GT-MKB-N Video Guard Station
  19. GT-TLI Telephone Line Interface for GT Series
  20. GTA-DESB Specifications
  21. GTV-DES104B Specifications
  22. GTV-DES202B Specifications
  23. GTW-VOA Video-Output Adaptor
  24. IPW-1A Intercom-Over-IP Adaptor Spec Sheet
  25. IS-DVF-2RA Specifications
  26. IS-DVF-2RA-FR Specifications
  27. IS-SS-2RA Specifications
  28. IS-SS-2RA-R Specifications
  29. IS-SS-RA Specifications
  30. IS-SS-RA-R Specifications
  31. IS-WB Wall Mount Boxes
  32. IX-1AS, IX-10AS LE/NE Sub Station Adaptor for IX Series
  33. IX-DF-2RA Specifications
  34. IX-DF-2RA-FR Specifications
  35. IX-SS-RA-FR Specifications
  36. JF-2HD Sub Master Station for the JF Series
  37. JF-2MED Master Monitor Station for JF Series
  38. JF-2SD Audio Only Sub Station for JF Series
  39. JF-DA/DV/DVF Camera Door Stations for JF Series
  40. JK-1HD Sub Monitor Station for JK Series
  41. JK-1MD Master Monitor Station for JK Series
  42. JK-1MED Master Monitor Station w Memory for JK Series
  43. JK-1SD Audio Sun Station for Jk Series
  44. JK-DA/DV/DVF Camera Door Stations for JK and JM Series
  45. JO-DA/DV/DVF Spec Sheet
  46. JP-4HD Sub-Master Station Specs
  47. JP-4MED Master Station Specs
  48. JP-8Z Distribution Adaptor Specs
  49. JP-DA/DV/DVF Video Door Stations Specs
  50. JP-DVF-HID Video Door Station Specs
  51. JP-DVF-RP10 Flush Mount Video Door Station Specs
  52. JPW-BA Long Distance / CCTV Adaptor Specs
  53. KA-DGR Panel - Housing for Color Video Door Stations
  54. KA-FSH Flush Mount Stainless Steel Housing for Color Video Door Stations
  55. LEF-10 10-Call Master Station
  56. LEF-10C 10-Call Semi-Flush Mount Master Station
  57. LEF-10S 10-Class Master Station with All Call Button
  58. LEF-1C Sub Master Station
  59. LEF-3 3-Call Master Station
  60. LEF-3C 3-Call Semi-Flush Mount Master Station
  61. LEF-3L 3-Call Master Station w Selective Door Release
  62. LEF-5 5-Call Master Station
  63. LEF-5C 5-Call Semi-Flush Mount Master Station
  64. Modular Towers Specifications
  65. SA-1 Surge Arrestor for Aiphone Intercom Systems
  66. SBX-ACE Video Mounting Accessories
  67. SP-20N Flush Mount Ceiling Speaker Sub Station
  68. SP-2570N Flush Mount Ceiling Speaker