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Aiphone Catalog

Aiphone Compatibility Chart

Aiphone Design Guide

Aiphone Instructions

  1. AC-10S AC-10F Instructions
  2. AT-406 AT-306 Instructions
  3. AX Operations
  4. AX Series Indoor Sub Station Instructions
  5. AX Series Installation Operations Manual
  6. AX-DV(F)-P Instructions
  7. AX-Series Audio Door Stations Instructions
  8. AX-SS Sub Station for AX Instructions
  9. AXW-AVT Instructions
  10. AXW-AVT/AXW-AVR Instructions
  11. AXW-AZ Instructions
  12. AXW-PA1 Instructions
  13. BA-1 Paging Adapter Instructions
  14. BG-10C Instructions
  15. C-123L/A Set Audio Door Answering System
  16. C-123LW Dual Master Chime-Com System
  17. Chime Tone Intercom, IE-1AD(U)
  18. ChimeCom 2 Chime Intercom CCS-1A, CC-1M Installation
  19. DA-1MD Two-Wire Electric Lock Door Phone
  20. DA-2DG, DA-2DS, DA-4DG, DA-4DS Installation Manual
  21. DAK-2S Dual Adaptor Kit for 2 Station Systems
  22. DB Series Hands-Free Two-Wire Door Answering Intercom Instructions
  23. EL-12S Electric Door Strike Instructions
  24. GF Desk Mount Bracket
  25. GFK-PS Waterproof Station
  26. GT Dip-Switch Setting Matrix
  27. GT Entrance Guard System Operation Manual
  28. GT Series Multi-Tenant Entry Security Quick Start Installation Guide
  29. GT Series Multi-Tenant Wire Distance Chart for Alternative Wire Types
  30. GT Series Parts Reference Guide
  31. GT System Installation Manual
  32. GT-1AO Operation Guide
  33. GT-1C Operation Manual
  34. GT-1C Tenant Station Operation Guide
  35. GT-1C7-L/GT-1C7, GT-1M3-L/GT-1M3 Installation Manual
  36. GT-1D Apartment Intercom System Residential Station
  37. GT-1D Operation Guide
  38. GT-1M-L Operation Guide
  39. GT-1M-L Operation Manual
  40. GT-1M3 Operation Guide
  41. GT-2C Operation Guide
  42. GT-2H Operation Guide
  43. GT-AC Access Control Keypad Module
  44. GT-HID HID Proximity Card Reader Module for GT Entrance Panel
  45. GT-OP2/GT-OP3 Installation Instructions
  46. GT-TLI Telephone Line Interface for GT Series
  47. GTA Expanded Configuration
  48. GTA-Standard Wiring Diagram
  49. GTV Expanded Configuration
  50. GTV Standard Configuration
  51. GTW-VOA Video Output Adaptor
  52. GTX-LC GT System Lift Control Adaptor
  53. HID-SS Proximity Reader Module for 2-Gang Entrance Panel instructions
  54. IE-SSA, IE-SSR Instructions
  55. IER-2 Installation and Operation Manual
  56. IM Series Instructions - Security Window Intercom System
  57. IM-1 Kit Contents
  58. IS Tower Strobe Illuminating Light Wire Instructions
  59. IS-DVF-2RA Instructions
  60. IS-DVF-2RA-FR Instructions
  61. IS-IFB Interface Box Instructions
  62. IS-SS-2RA Instructions
  63. IS-SS-2RA-R Instructions
  64. IS-SS-RA Instructions
  65. IS-SS-RA-R Instructions
  66. IS-WBCA, IS-WBCE Instructions
  67. IS-WBHA, IS-WBHE Instructions
  68. IX-1AS / IX-10AS 2-Wire Network Adaptor Instructions
  69. IX-DF-2RA-FR Instructions
  70. IX-DF-2RA, IX-SS-2RA Instructions
  71. IX-PA Network Paging Adapter Installation
  72. IX-SS-RA-FR Instructions
  73. JBW-BA Instructions
  74. JBW-M Instructions
  75. JF-2MED, JF-2HD Instructions
  76. JF-2SD Sub Station Instructions
  77. JF-DA, JF-DV, JF-DVF Instructions
  78. JF-DVF-HID Instructions
  79. JK-1HD Instructions
  80. JK-1MD Instructions
  81. JK-1MED Instructions
  82. JK-1SD Instructions
  83. JK-DA, JK-DV, JK-DVF Instructions
  84. JK-DVF-AC Instructions
  85. JK-DVF-HID Instructions
  86. JK-MB Instructions
  87. JKW-BA Instructions
  88. JKW-IP Instructions
  89. JO-1FD Instructions Manual
  90. JOS-1A, JOS-1V, JOS-1F Kit Installation Instructions
  91. JP-4HD Color Video Intercom Sub Master Station Instructions
  92. JP-4MED Hands-Free Color Video Intercom Master Station Instructions
  93. JP-DA Video Door Station Instructions
  94. JP-DVF-HID Vandal Resistant Color Video Door Station Instructions
  95. KAW-D Installation for KB/KC Series
  96. KB-3MRD, KB-3HRD Instructions
  97. KB-3SD Audio-Only Sub-Master Station Instructions
  98. KB-MAR Instructions
  99. KBW-M Instructions
  100. KC-32EU Instructions
  101. KMB-45 Instructions
  102. LE-D, LE-DA Instructions
  103. LE-DL Instructions for LEF System Door Station
  104. LE-SS/A, LE-SSR - for LEF, LEM, AP, MP Systems
  105. LEF Series Instructions
  106. LEF-1C Instructions
  107. LEF-3L Instructions
  108. LEF-C Instructions - Semi-Flush Mount Speaker System
  109. LEM-1 and LEM-3 Master Selective Intercom Instructions
  110. LS-NVP/C Instructions - Vandal Proof Sub Station
  111. MC-60/4A, MC-60/4B Instructions
  112. MC-A/A Installation Instructions
  113. MCW-S/A Instructions
  114. MKW-DK/A Instructions
  115. Modular Tower Assembly Instructions
  116. Paso Paging Amplifiers DMA2060, DMA2120 Instructions
  117. PS-1225 Instructions
  118. PS-1820 - DC Power Supply for Intercom
  119. PS-2420 - DC Power Supply for Intercom
  120. RY-18L Instructions
  121. RY-24L Instructions
  122. RY-3DL Door Release Adaptor Instructions
  123. RY-AC/A Instructions
  124. RY-ES Instructions
  125. SBX-1G Stainless Steel Surface Mount Box Instructions
  126. SBX-2G Surface Mount Enclosure Instructions
  127. SBX-ACE Instructions for Intercom Door Station and Access Control Device
  128. SBX-AXDV30 Instructions for AX-DV
  129. SBX-AXDVF Instructions - Stainless Steel Surface Mount Box for AX-DVF
  130. SBX-DV30 Stainless Steel Angle Box for JF-DV, JK-DV, JO-DV, JP-DV
  131. SBX-DVF Stainless Steel Surface Mount Box Instructions
  132. SBX-DVF-P Stainless Steel Surface Mount Box Instructions
  133. SBX-LSE Security Lock Box Instructions
  134. SBX-LSP Instructions
  135. SKK-620C Power Supply Adaptor Instructions
  136. TAR-3 Call Extension Relay Instructions
  137. TW-SPL Door Station Adaptor Plate for Towers

Product Guide

  1. 3 LEF-10C with All Call and One Door
  2. AX Master Options via the 6 Pin Connector
  3. AX QuikStart Guide
  4. AX w Viking K-10-5 and RC-2A for CO Line Transfer and Door Release
  5. AX-AB w External Amp for Increase Volume
  6. AX-DV External Switch Modification
  7. AX-DV-P, AX-DVF-P Video Door Solutions for AX Series
  8. AX-DV, AX-DVF Video Door Stations for AX Series
  9. AX-Series Open Collector Output
  10. JF/JB Compatibility Diagram
  11. JF2-EXTSIG QuikDraw Diagram Supplement Sheet
  12. JK-EXTSIG QuikDraw Diagram Supplement Sheet
  13. JKW-IP Operation Manual
  14. KB-3MRD Main Station
  15. KB-3MRD Operation Manual
  16. KB-EXTSIG Diagram
  17. LE-SS / LESSR Vandal and Weather Resistant Sub Station
  18. LEF-1301 Exit Signaling
  19. LEF-1302 Reducing RFI
  20. LEF-1303 Power Surge Info
  21. LEF-1304 Adding K Terminals
  22. LEF-1306 Volume Control at Sub Station
  23. LEF-1307 Monitoring Indicator on LE Series Substation
  24. LEF-1308 Tape Recorder Output
  25. LEF-1309 Selective Door Release
  26. LEF-1310 Various Relay Contacts Using the LEF System
  27. LEF-1311 Signal Call Sub Station to Receive All Call and BGM
  28. LEF-1312 Separate Transmit and Receive Volume Controls
  29. LEF-1313 Increase LED Timing Circuit
  30. LEF-1316 Convert Privacy Switch to Full Time Privacy Mode
  31. LEF-3C, LEF-5C, LEF-10C Master Sentry Semi-Flush Mount Loudspeaker System
  32. MC-60/4 Intermixed with MC-3 System
  33. RY-3DL Selective Door Release
  34. SBX-ACE Video Mounting Accessories

Aiphone Specs

  1. AH-108, AH-16TN, AH-32TN for Intercom Paging and Paging/Talkback Sytems
  2. AX Series Specifications
  3. AX-084C Central Exchange Unit for AX Series
  4. AX-248C Central Exchange Unit for AX Series
  5. AX-8M Audio Master Station for AX Series
  6. BG-10C All Call and Chime Adaptor
  7. DB-1MD Audio Master Station for the DB Series
  8. External Signaling Relays
  9. GT-1A Audio Only Tenant Station
  10. GT-1C7 7" Video Tenant Station
  11. GT-1D Handset Tenant Station
  12. GT-1M3 3.5" Video Tenant Station
  13. GT-2C Master Monitor Station
  14. GT-2H Sub-master Monitor Station
  15. GT-DM All-in-One Video Entrance Station
  16. GT-DMB-N 3-in-1 Video Entrance Station with NFC
  17. GT-MCX Network Adaptor
  18. GT-MKB-N Video Guard Station
  19. GT-TLI Telephone Line Interface for GT Series
  20. GTA-DESB Specifications
  21. GTV-DES104B Specifications
  22. GTV-DES202B Specifications
  23. GTW-VOA Video-Output Adaptor
  24. IPW-1A Intercom-Over-IP Adaptor Spec Sheet
  25. IS-DVF-2RA Specifications
  26. IS-DVF-2RA-FR Specifications
  27. IS-SS-2RA Specifications
  28. IS-SS-2RA-R Specifications
  29. IS-SS-RA Specifications
  30. IS-SS-RA-R Specifications
  31. IS-WB Wall Mount Boxes
  32. IX-1AS, IX-10AS LE/NE Sub Station Adaptor for IX Series
  33. IX-DF-2RA Specifications
  34. IX-DF-2RA-FR Specifications
  35. IX-SS-RA-FR Specifications
  36. JF-2HD Sub Master Station for the JF Series
  37. JF-2MED Master Monitor Station for JF Series
  38. JF-2SD Audio Only Sub Station for JF Series
  39. JF-DA/DV/DVF Camera Door Stations for JF Series
  40. JK-1HD Sub Monitor Station for JK Series
  41. JK-1MD Master Monitor Station for JK Series
  42. JK-1MED Master Monitor Station w Memory for JK Series
  43. JK-1SD Audio Sun Station for Jk Series
  44. JK-DA/DV/DVF Camera Door Stations for JK and JM Series
  45. JO-DA/DV/DVF Spec Sheet
  46. JP-4HD Sub-Master Station Specs
  47. JP-4MED Master Station Specs
  48. JP-8Z Distribution Adaptor Specs
  49. JP-DA/DV/DVF Video Door Stations Specs
  50. JP-DVF-HID Video Door Station Specs
  51. JP-DVF-RP10 Flush Mount Video Door Station Specs
  52. JPW-BA Long Distance / CCTV Adaptor Specs
  53. KA-DGR Panel - Housing for Color Video Door Stations
  54. KA-FSH Flush Mount Stainless Steel Housing for Color Video Door Stations
  55. LEF-10 10-Call Master Station
  56. LEF-10C 10-Call Semi-Flush Mount Master Station
  57. LEF-10S 10-Class Master Station with All Call Button
  58. LEF-1C Sub Master Station
  59. LEF-3 3-Call Master Station
  60. LEF-3C 3-Call Semi-Flush Mount Master Station
  61. LEF-3L 3-Call Master Station w Selective Door Release
  62. LEF-5 5-Call Master Station
  63. LEF-5C 5-Call Semi-Flush Mount Master Station
  64. Modular Towers Specifications
  65. SA-1 Surge Arrestor for Aiphone Intercom Systems
  66. SBX-ACE Video Mounting Accessories
  67. SP-20N Flush Mount Ceiling Speaker Sub Station
  68. SP-2570N Flush Mount Ceiling Speaker