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Honeywell Ademco and Honeywell Intellisense have some of the best sensors and contacts in the industry, which is why they make the perfect combination under the Honeywell umbrella. Their sensors and contacts provide the most reliability and flexibility in the industry. Whether you're working with wireless or wired control panels and keypads, there are contacts that can fit any application desired.

Honeywell Ademco's motion sensors offer passive infrared functionality, as well as certain models that offer dual-technology detection with microwave detection and passive infrared in one device. They also have pet sensitive devices and detectors that watch for motion in a 360 degree radius as they are installed on the ceiling. Honeywell Ademco also provides photoelectric beam sensors, more commonly known as photobeam sensors. These sensors simply create a beam across a path and raise an alarm state when that beam is broken. Ideal for detecting intruders over long distances in outdoor areas.

Honeywell Ademco's glassbreak detectors are wildly popular, as they detect the instant a burglar penetrates the home, when he breaks the glass panel to unlock the front door or window. It only listens for the frequency of broken glass, so you don't have to worry about frequent false alarms from dogs barking or children playing.

Honeywell Ademco's and Honeywell Intellisense's regular magnetic based contacts are also extremely robust. They are available as wireless contacts or wired contacts and provide a wide variety of gap sizes, perfect for installing on any kind of door whether it's the garage door, the front door or the panic room door.

As always, if you have any questions or need help selecting the Honeywell Ademco products that fit your installation, please contact us at (516) 812-0917.