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Honeywell Ademco's key features rely on external communication to an outside monitoring station or even your cell phone, such as an iPhone. For these features to work and for the end-user to take full benefit of their alarm system such as being able to disable their alarm or raise the heat before they even get home, certain modules and devices are needed depending on the system deployed. If using a Lynx Panel, you may need an GSMLVP GSM Communicator. Or for Vista Panels, you may opt to go for a digital communicator that functions over IP or GSM. For even more added convenience, Honeywell offers the Total Connect services that allow you to connect to your alarm system via a mobile phone or internet connected device. These Total Connect enabled devices can be anything from a network camera to your L5000 Lynx Panel.

Honeywell Ademco has proved that their main concerns are ease of use, connectivity and convenience. Regardless of your application, Honeywell Security can tailor their devices to your life.

If you have any questions or need help selecting the Honeywell Ademco products that fit your installation, please contact us at (516) 812-0917.