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Set up your new access control system using our range of reliable access control cable. Access control cables are components required for today’s card reader/keypad, door contact, request to exit and lock power device connectivity. They are specifically made for exclusive access control components. Each access control component requires a certain type of cable to connect a device unlike IP cameras where a single cable is required for connectivity. Here are the types of wires and cables required for different access controls:
  • 18/2 cable is used for Lock Power
  • 18/6 cable is used for Reader Power/Communication
  • 22/4 cable is used for RTE Buttons/PIR
  • 24/2 cable is used for Door/Latch Position Contacts
What do the numbers represents on access control cables? The 18 in a 18/2 cable represents the wire gauge (AWG) or thickness. The voltage, amperage drawn and cable run distance all depend on the cable wire thickness. 24, 22, 18, and 16 are the most common AWG sizes you’ll see often. The lower the AWG, the more voltage and longer distance because the wire diameter is larger in this case. The “/2” stands for a 2 conductor cable because there is only 1 pair of cable that can be used in the cable.

Access control cables available within our inventory are widely used in offices, public buildings, hospitals, government, commercial and retail organizations where safety and security is a top priority.