Home Safety Guide for Kids

Kids face many dangers whether at home, playing outside, or online. Poisons, chemicals, and fire can cause injury or life threatening damage. It is important to learn safety tips to protect ourselves from danger, or to know what to do in times of an emergency. Knowing what to do in times of danger can mean the difference between staying safe or getting hurt. Taking the time to learn and practice safety tips will help you make fast-acting decisions in times of trouble. The following games, activities, and coloring books will help all kids learn safety tips they may use in times of danger in a fun and exciting way.

House Safety

Kids face a lot of danger in the home. Some children attend school then go home to an empty house, while others may stay with an older brother or sister. Even children who are home with a parent may find themselves in dangerous situations. Whether home alone or with others, we must know how to stay safe from dangers found in the home. Homes often have many poisonous materials and chemicals such as cleaners, paints, and other chemicals. You should know how to read and understand warning labels, and how to call 911 in times of danger. Kids should also understand the danger of fire and have an escape plan. You should practice escape routes and know how to get out of the house if there is an emergency.

Yard Safety

Danger isn't found only inside the house, so we need to know how to be safe in the yard. Some dangerous situations that take place outside include swimming pool accidents, insect stings and animal bites, bike riding accidents, and danger from the sun. Kids should learn safe riding habits and always wear a helmet. It is important to understand the dangers of sun exposure and wear sun protection. If you have access to swimming pools you must understand pool safety.

Fire Safety

Fire is one of the most dangerous situations you can experience. Fire safety is very important and everyone should understand how to stay safe indoors as well as outdoors. Children must learn never to play with matches or lighters and understand the dangers of fire in forests and woods as well as inside the home. You are never too young to learn fire safety and understand the method for stop, drop, and roll as well as how to get out of a building if it is on fire.

Internet Safety

The Internet is one of the most dangerous places for kids and one of the most important areas for you to use safety skills. No matter how harmless and safe the Internet may seem, it is not. Strangers are always online looking for kids to talk to. Sometimes they will pretend to be other kids and try to friend you. When you are online must know how to use the Internet safely to keep yourself safe. Avoid chatting with people and never post personal information such as the name of your school, the town you live in, your name, age, phone number, or address. The Internet can be a great way to find information for homework or school, but it can be one of the simplest and easiest ways for strangers and predators to find you. Know how to stay safe online before using the Internet. If someone talks to you and makes you feel uncomfortable, tell a grown-up right away.

Stranger Safety

Strangers aren't only online. They are in your neighborhood too. Kids have to stay aware and know when a stranger is approaching them. Stranger abductions are real and are a dangerous threat. Kids can learn safety tips that will help them stay safe and identify trouble before it happens. You must know how to react if a stranger approaches them as well.