A Kid's Guide to Astronomy

Since the times when kids are old enough to look around at the world that we live in, we have been fascinated with the stars and the planets. Even as a small child, one of our favorite nursery rhymes deals with the subject: Twinkle, twinkle little star. The stars and planets are near enough to see, but far enough to be out of our reach. Because of this, we have always had a fascination with these outer space bodies.

To help kids learn more about the stars, moons and planets, we have put together this guide to astronomy. We hope that it is helpful in teaching your children about these brightly shining objects that we see in the night sky. Please feel free to re-visit this page often and use the resources to help teach young people about the study of astronomy.

Astronomy Resources:

  • Star Questions - Informative page which asks a number of questions pertaining to stars and have answered by an astronomer.

  • Learning Guide- Fun guide from NASA for kids in teaching them about stars and the universe.

  • Stars - Information and facts in this useful article from National Geographic about the stars in the solar system.

  • Star Facts - Useful and informative page for kids which gives a number of facts about stars.

  • Astronomy for Teachers - Web site which provides a number of useful sites to assist teachers in passing on knowledge of astronomy to kids.

  • Christopher Spry's Web - A collection of resources and valuable information about astronomy and astrophysics.

  • Astronaut Central - A collection of resources and information on astronomy, space and NASA.

  • Space and Astronomy Lesson Plans - Lesson plans for teachers which can be used to prepare classes to learn about astronomy and space.

  • Stour Astronomical Society - A collection of useful astronomical resources, websites and pictures.

  • Astronomy Lesson Plans - Educational resource for teachers that can be helpful in preparing lesson plans geared towards teaching about astronomy related topics.

  • Astronomy Activities - Helpful page for kids with activities to help learn about topics in the field of astronomy.

  • Astronomy Games for Kids - Fun page of games and activities for kids with astronomy as the theme.

  • Children's Astronomy Activities - Informative site with a number of activities for children which helps explore the world of astronomy.

  • Eagle Rock Observatory - A collection of resources and informative websites related to the study of astronomy. /p>

  • The Braeside Observatory - A collection of resources and educational websites related to the study of astronomy. /p>

  • Astronomy Links - A number of resources and links about astronomy including several pages of activities and games.