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What is the difference between the GSMV4G and the GSMX4G?

Last Updated: 11/08/2013
While both cellular communicators work with Vista Series Control Panels (the GSM4G is recommended for the Vista 21iP), the GSMV4G is the more popular of the two because it's easier to install and comes with its own power supply.

is mounted outside the control panel and gets power from its own transformer plug and back-up battery that come with the kit.

operates off of power it receives from the control panel.  It requires the user to calculate the panel's available power supply to see if it can support the GSMX4G communicator.  If the control panel being used can't provide enough available power, then the Honeywell AD12612 can be added as an auxiliary power supply.

Why is it important to have a GSM Cellular Communicator?

It gives your system the added security of a backup line of communication outside of the control panel's regular phone dialer.  If your telephone wire were to become damaged or cut, the cellular communicator would pick up the slack and keep a communication line open with your central station.  Cellular communicators are also historically more reliable than their internet communicator counterparts.  Moreover, should an adept intruder cut the telephone and IP wires to your home before breaking in, the cellular communicator would continue to work as a safety net.

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