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How do I add a GSMV4G Cellular Communicator to the Vista 10P Control Panel?

Last Updated: 11/07/2013
The first step is to mount the GSMV4G's plastic enclosure on the wall beside the Vista 10P.  Power down the Vista 10P by disconnecting it from AC power and the back-up battery.  Then create a parallel connection from your control panel to the four ECP terminals on the GSMV4G (as you would with a wired keypad) but you can't daisy-chain off of a keypad or wireless receiver.

Using four-conductor wire connect:
GSMV4G's 3rd terminal to the Control Panel's 5th terminal using the red wire.
GSMV4G's 4th terminal to the Control Panel's 4th terminal using the black wire.
GSMV4G's 5th terminal to the Control Panel's 7th terminal using the yellow wire. 
GSMV4G's 6th terminal to the Control Panel's 6th terminal using the green wire.

Connect the first two terminals on the GSMV4G to the terminals on the AC transformer it came with using two conductor wire.  Plug the transformer into a regular wall outlet.  Then reconnect the back-up battery, followed by the control panel's AC transformer.  Close the plastic cover and the cellular communicator is now completely installed.

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