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Why isn't my Lockey E910-R Deadbolt working properly?

Last Updated: 12/13/2013

Assuming you've correctly installed the E910-R Electronic Deadbolt and loaded the batteries, there are a few possible reasons why your lock is malfunctioning.

1. If three beeps are heard when the programming button ("E-Digital") is pressed, then door handling process is incomplete.
2. If no keypad buttons produce any sound, then either the batteries are dead or the batteries haven't been inserted correctly. If the device still isn't operational after checking, make sure the IC wire is firmly connected.
3. If the red light flashes 3 times, accompanied by 3 beeps, then door-handling identification has failed. Press the factory restore button (label "R") on the inside of the receiver module. Now restart door identification.
4. If door-handling identification was successful, but the latch is stuck, the motor is sluggish, and the door's interior turnpiece won't move, then chances are there is a low battery. Replace with new batteries.

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