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Does the 2945 Inside Lever lock automatically every time the door closes?

Last Updated: 12/12/2013

Yes, the 2945 Inside Lever will lock automatically every time a door closes as long as it's programming to do so.

The 2945 comes with a hold-open feature built in. The hold-open feature can be engaged to disable the self-locking mechanism in the lock. This setup is used most often on high traffic doors, where a self-locking function makes it inconvenient for authorized users to come and go. However, if the 2945 were to be installed on a door to a custodial closet, storage room, or computer room, then it would make sense to leave the self-locking mechanism as is. That way human error is removed from the equation when it comes to remembering to lock up rooms where valuable or hazardous products are stored.

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