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How do I change the code on my M210 Keyless Deadbolt Lock?

Last Updated: 12/11/2013

Follow these simple steps to change the code on the M-210 SN Keyless Deadbolt.

1. Remove the red screws from the back of the lock body, then remove the plate.
2. Turn and hold the knob to the clear position, and continue to do so through step 3.
3. Use tweezers to rearrange the code (red) and non-code (blue) tumblers. Be sure the tumbler notch is properly aligned and the colored side of the tumbler is facing up. Codes can be programmed from 2-5 digits in length.
4. When the code is set, reattach the back plate to the lock body with the 2 red screws.
5. Test your code. If it works, then the lock is ready for installation.

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