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How do I program the user code for my E-Series E930-R keyless lock?

Last Updated: 12/13/2013

The user code for the E-930R Electronic Knob Lock is already preset to "1234". This is not a recommended code to keep, so all users should program a new code into their lock.

To add a New User Code...
Enter the programming code, "E-Digital", (1), "E-Digital", "Enter New UC", then "E-Digital". User codes have 4-10 digits. The E-930R can support up to 6 sets of user codes.

To delete the default "1234" user code...
Enter the programming code, "E-Digital", (2), "E-Digital", enter the user code you wish to erase, then "E-Digital".

The steps to program the E-930R are the same for the E-985R Electronic Lever Lock.

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