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Can Honeywell's wireless sensors be used on metal doors and frames?

Last Updated: 12/03/2013

Yes, they can.

Installing the Honeywell 5818MNL recessed door sensor alongside a magnetic wired door contact, such as the Honeywell 947-75TWH or MPS70WGB, will work on most metal doors, including steel. The magnets in these products are much larger than normal recessed door contacts, allowing them to function reliably even when housed inside a steel door. Purchase from our wide selection of steel door contacts and install opposite the previously mentioned Honeywell sensor.

If you can't run a wire back to the panel, you can wire the steel door contact to the Honeywell 5816 door and window sensor, which can serve as both a wired and wireless zone at the same time. This product, and other Honeywell sensors, feature internal screw terminals designed to connect a wired contact. If using the wired zone, program to Loop 1. For the wireless zone, program to Loop 2.

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