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Is my PSC-12300A-C charger able to adjust battery charging modes?

Last Updated: 11/25/2013

Yes, the PSC-12300A-C charger is able to switch its charging mode as a battery approaches full capacity.

Switch mode chargers are the best option for any user looking for a safe, fast, and reliable way to recharge 6 volt and 12 volt sealed lead-acid batteries. The PSC-12300 begins in fast mode, where voltage increases to 2.45V. As the battery nears full capacity, the charger switches over to a float-charge, whereby the battery is slowly "topped off" at a rate of 2.25V per cell. This charge mode prevents battery overcharging without sacrificing speed. Just remember, when picking a battery charger, find one with an Ah that's no more than 20% of your battery's Ah.

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