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How do I set the DIP switches on my 5883H wireless receiver?

Last Updated: 11/20/2013

The 5883H wireless receiver supports bi-directional signals. For that reason, it can be programmed with addresses (1-7) for receiving, and (27-30) for transmitting. For devices that don't require bi-directionality, turn off DIP switch 6 (which controls the transmitter), and skip transmitter programming. Consult the table below for the proper DIP switch settings.

Honeywell 5883H DIP Switch Setup:

1Check/deactivate high-security keys
Device Address Settings
Transmitter Addr:028293027282930
Receiver Addr:01234567
5Reserved - must be OFF
6ON = enable transmitter (if using 5800TM compatible devices)
Note: If using more than one 5883H in a system, enable the transmitter in only one 5883H.
OFF = disable transmitter
7Not used; leave in OFF position
8Used when removing RF keypads; otherwise leave OFF

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