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What's the signal range of the L5100 ZWAVE Controller?

Last Updated: 11/20/2013

Assuming the L5100 ZWAVE controller has an unobstructed line of sight, it can transmit signals up to 100 feet.

The layout of the property or environment can affect a Z-Wave controller's range. Obstructive walls can cause up to a 30% reduction in signal strength. Thick, high-density walls made of brick or concrete will interfere with signals more than drywall. Housing the module inside a metal box will seriously limit the strength of the wireless signal. When planning the mounting location of the L5100 Zwave controller, it's important to remember that other ZWave devices work like repeaters as well. Each device can repeat a signal up to 30 feet, which can help your Z-Wave Module reach devices outside the 100 foot threshold.

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