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How do I enroll my 5817 multi-point wireless transmitter?

Last Updated: 11/20/2013

Enrolling the 5817 is required because it will allow the transmitter to communicate with your Honeywell Control Panel.

First, make sure the battery has been inserted into the 5817. Then turn off the 4 DIP switches. Each transmitter has its own, specific device ID. You have to enroll the device by entering this device ID in the zone programming menu. The 5817 is a three-zone transmitter, which means users can assign each device to as many as three wireless zones. The first two screw terminals represent loop 1. The second pair of screws represent the terminals for loop 2. Loop 3 is represented by the final pair of screw terminals on the bottom right-hand side of the device. The transmitter should be programmed as a supervised RF zone type.

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