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How does the 7847i Internet communicator connect to a Honeywell Security System keypad bus?

Last Updated: 11/19/2013

The 7847i Internet Communicator lets users send full event data to central station. Make sure your system works with ECP communication before installing the 7847i.

The ECP terminals on your Honeywell Control Panel are referred to as the "keypad bus". These terminals are designed for connecting devices like alarm keypads and wireless receivers. Use four-conductor wire to connect the 7847i in parallel with the other devices currently connected to ECP terminals.

Connect the red wire to the 7847i's 3rd terminal (V+) and the Control Panel's +12V power.
Connect the black wire to the 7847i's 4th terminal (GND) and the Control Panel's ground terminal.
Connect the yellow wire to the 7847i's 5th terminal (ECP DATA IN) and the Control Panel's ECP DATA OUT.
Connect the green wire to the 7847i's 6th terminal (ECP DATA OUT) and the Control Panel's ECP DATA IN.

The 7847i receives power from the ECP terminals. If additional power is needed, auxiliary power can be added.

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