Household Safety Guide

Your home is where your family sleeps, eats and spends quality time together. It is a place where the family can be comfortable, relax and feel safe and secure. However, it is also a place where many accidents occur through carelessness or through negligence. In fact, more accidents occur in the home than any place else.

  • Safety at Home Informative page from the National Safety Council with information and tips on home safety.
  • Household Safety Checklists Useful collection of checklists for parents to ensure that children are safe in many situations.
  • Safety Tips Resourceful page with tips and information on safety for many topics around the home.

There are many places in the home that people need to be concerned with from a safety stand point. From concerns about fires happening while cooking to children accidently getting into poisons in kitchen or bathroom cabinets, families need to be concerned with keeping everyone safe. This includes the safety of younger children and pets.

To ensure that all family members are safe and secure, families need be certain that any dangerous situations be avoided. Dangerous situations around the house include keeping hazardous material out the reach of children and pets. Also, any dangerous machinery in kitchens and work areas need to be secured so that children do not activate them. And, even outside the house the use of pesticides and other lawn equipment must be closely monitored.

We believe that safety is also very important. To help families keep everyone safe, we asked our team of safety experts to put together this helpful guide. Please feel free to use this to ensure that all family members are safe around the home.

Pet Safety

  • Pet Safety Information from the Humane Society on how people can keep pets safe at home.
  • Animal Poison Control Useful page providing information on what can be poisonous or hazardous to animals around the house.
  • Pet Safety Articles Helpful information and tips on pet safety in a number of circumstances around the house.
  • Pet Safety Checklist (PDF) Web page providing a listing of things to consider keeping your animals safe at home or if you should need to evacuate.

Child Safety

  • Safety Basics Information on how parents can keep children of all ages safe in the home.
  • Preventing Child Injuries Informative web site which covers a number of topics surrounding children and how to prevent injuries.
  • Home Safety Tips Listing of ten of the top tips that families can use to keep children safe around the house.
  • Child Proofing at Home Helpful page from University of Michigan which discusses ways to child proof around the house.
  • First Aid and Safety Useful web page providing hints and ways to keep children safe, as well as some basic first aid information.

Kitchen Safety

  • Steps to Kitchen Safety Listing of ten basic steps that people can take to help make kitchens safe.
  • Kitchen Safety Helpful page which provides ideas on how to keep your home kitchen safe for all.
  • Kitchen Health and Safety Useful article which gives a number of suggestions on what to look for to keep your kitchen safe.
  • Food Safety at Home Information which can help determine whether your food used at home is safe for the family.

Fire Safety

  • Home Fire Safety Checklist (PDF) Helpful document which can assist homeowners in keeping their home safe from fires.
  • Kids Safety Page Educational page for kids teaching them about fire safety through a collection of games and activities.
  • Fire Prevention Informative site where people can get information and suggestions on preventing fires around the house.
  • Fire Safety at Home Article providing readers with information on the importance of fire safety around the home.
  • Fire Safety Planning Information on creating a fire safety plan which can be used by all family members.

Bathroom Safety

  • Bathroom Checklist Helpful article providing information on how to make bathrooms safe for the elderly, but also contains useful information for all ages.
  • Bathroom Safety Useful page with ideas on how to make your bathroom safer.
  • Home and Bath Safety Information for homeowners on providing a safe home bathroom.
  • Bathroom Safety Tips on keeping a safe bathroom for children.

Outdoor Safety

  • Outdoor Spaces Suggestions on how to design and smart and safe outdoor space.
  • Outdoor Safety Informative page with information on how to keep the family safe in the spring and summer.
  • Outdoor Safety Tips Tips and ideas on how homeowners can make sure that the outdoors are safe for all.
  • Safety Outdoors Helpful page providing information on what to look for while being outdoors.
  • Children Outdoors Safety Information for parents on what they should be concerned with in order to ensure that children are safe.