Home Security Resource- Family Safety Plan

An important part about our houses is being safe. Our homes should be a happy, secure place for us and our families. However, there are a few bad people in every city or town, so it is always important to make sure that our houses are properly secured. Did you know that even kids can help with the security of their homes? Read on to learn how you can help and encourage your parents to check the entire house!

Security Systems for the Home

A security system in your home is one of the best ways to keep the wrong people out! If anyone ever tries to break in, the security alarm will start ringing loudly, and it will also electronically notify the security company and the police. Ask your parents to look into installing a good security system at home. Don’t forget to place stickers on doors and windows to show that the home has an alarm system.

Decide on a “Safe Room” at Home

What would you do if someone broke into your home? The best thing to do would be to gather in one safe area with your family. Everyone in the family should know which room to go to if there is any trouble. This is known as a safe room. Keep it prepared with a cell phone and charger, and a flashlight. The doors and windows should be well bolted.

Always Lock Windows and Doors

The doors and windows in your home should always be properly locked. Make it a habit to lock them whenever you enter or leave the house. Remember that some intruders even try to enter if a family is at home, so do everything you can to keep them out!

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Are Your Doors Hollow?

A solid door is much stronger than a hollow one. Check whether the front and back doors have a peephole or small windows on the side. If not, ask your parents to make sure that there are some installed.

Make Sure Locks are Effective

Are your locks old or weak? If they are, they should be changed immediately! The best thing is to have long screws reinforcing the metal plates around the locks. It is always best to have a second lock, like a latch or deadbolt installed on the door as well.

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Prevent Windows From Being Opened

A good way to prevent strangers from entering a house is by making it difficult for them to open the windows. An easy way to do this is by placing a dowel rod or a long, sturdy piece of wood in the track of any sliding windows or doors.

Never Open the Door to Strangers

One of the key rules of home safety is to never allow a stranger to come inside. When someone rings the bell, check through the peephole. If you don’t know the person, don’t answer the door, even if they look like they might be trustworthy and friendly!

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Dogs Can Help Keep You Safe!

When strangers hear dogs barking loudly, it sometimes deters them from entering a home. They know that a noisy dog can get them in trouble! Dogs can also sense sounds and smells much better than humans. They can usually alert you if there is someone approaching the house before you even see the person.

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Safe Ways to Protect Yourself

Ask your parents to keep a few protection devices on hand at home. These should be things that are not dangerous like guns. Instead, a can of pepper spray can stun an intruder without hurting anyone by mistake. Remember that kids should never handle these types of items!

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Learn About Self Defense

Self-defense is a great activity for the entire family and all age groups! Learn and practice a form of self-defense on a regular basis. It will help you to be well prepared in case anyone ever tries to attack you.

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Home Safety Checklist for Kids

  • Check locks on all doors and windows to make sure they’re strong and working properly.
  • Always keep doors and windows locked whether you’re indoors or outside.
  • Equip the safe room with anything you might need in an emergency.
  • The home’s alarm system should always be armed.
  • Keep a dog in the house for extra safety.
  • Ask your parents to keep non-lethal protection aids on hand.
  • Learn a martial art or self-defense with your family.
  • Never, ever open the door for strangers!