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Aspirating Smoke Detection Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detection Modules
The FAAST Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology® series is a line of aspirating smoke detectors that draw air into a patented, high-sensitivity smoke-sensing chamber through a pipe network.
System-connected carbon monoxide detectors offer guaranteed 24/7 central station protection, whether residents are home or not. Monitored CO detection is ideal for any home and provides additional peace of mind in situations when children, the elderly, or pets are at risk.
System Sensor’s intelligent and conventional modules are designed to help you meet a wide range of application requirements. Consult the list to locate a control module for your specific fire alarm system.
Multi-Voltage Relays Reflected Beam Smoke Detection Spot Detection
System Sensor multi-voltage conventional relays are used for high-current switching applications, such as fan and damper assembly control, door control, air handling unit controls, and other types of building system interfacing. Consult the list to find a relay for your specific fire alarm or notification system.
Unlike traditional detection systems, Reflected Beam Smoke Detectors were designed for spacious rooms, open areas, and high ceilings; their innovative features make them popular choices for spaces like warehouses, atriums, arenas, and churches. With only one device to install and align, these single-ended optical beam solutions save you time and money on open-area and high-ceiling applications.
The System Sensor spot detector line covers a vast array of needs in commercial or residential applications. We offer conventional and intelligent products for smoke detection, heat detection, fire and carbon monoxide (CO) combination detection, and multi-criteria / multi-sensor detection, as well as bases and accessories.
Audible/Visible Notification HVAC Systems Monitoring Sprinkler Systems Monitoring
SpectrAlert® Advance is the most versatile, easy to install, and cohesive line of audible visible (AV) notification appliances in the industry. SpectrAlert® greatly simplifies the specification, configuration, and installation of your notification project by providing a plug-in design, aesthetic and functional consistency, and field-adjustable settings across the entire line.
InnovairFlex™ duct smoke detectors combine an impressive collection of innovations to greatly simplify HVAC system monitoring. One unit can accommodate multiple installation footprints to overcome mounting constraints. Tool-free, plug-in sampling tubes speed and simplify installation. Broad temperature and humidity ranges accommodate exposure to environmental extremes.
System Sensor sprinkler monitoring devices provide the peace of mind property owners need. Our products can expertly monitor fire sprinkler systems and control valves to enable personnel to respond quickly to changes in fire sprinkler system status. Waterflow detectors monitor the flow of water to sprinkler heads. Supervisory switches help prevent tampering or incorrect setting of valve controls. Pressure switches indicate a discharge from a sprinkler.
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System Sensor 2151 Photoelectronic Low-Profile Plug-In Detector for Special Applications System Sensor B110LP Base, 2-Wire System Sensor CO1224T Carbon Monoxide Detector, 12/24V, 4-Wire
Our Price: $31.95
Our Price: $16.50
Our Price: $49.75
2151 System Sensor | JMAC Supply B110LP System Sensor | JMAC Supply CO1224T System Sensor | JMAC Supply
System Sensor CO1224TR Carbon Monoxide Detector, 12/24V, 4-Wire, RealTest Technology (Round) System Sensor 4W-B Photoelectric i3 Smoke Detector, 4-Wire System Sensor 4WT-B Photoelectric i3 Smoke Detector, 4-Wire, 135F fixed thermal sensor
Our Price: $79.85
Our Price: $29.85
Our Price: $31.85
CO1224TR System Sensor | JMAC Supply 4W-B System Sensor | JMAC Supply 4WT-B System Sensor | JMAC Supply
System Sensor 4WTAR-B Photoelectric i3 Smoke Detector, 4-Wire, Thermal Sensor, Built-In Sounder, Form C Relay System Sensor 4WTR-B Photoelectric i3 Smoke Detector, 4-Wire, Thermal Sensor, Form C Relay System Sensor PC2R Horn Strobe, Red, Ceiling Mount, Two-Wire, FIRE Lettering
Our Price: $44.95
Our Price: $35.49
Our Price: $39.95
4WTAR-B System Sensor | JMAC Supply 4WTR-B System Sensor | JMAC Supply PC2R System Sensor | JMAC Supply
System Sensor D4120 4-Wire Photoelectric Low-Flow Duct Smoke Detector System Sensor P2R Horn Strobe, Red, Wall Mount, Two-Wire, FIRE Lettering, Standard Candela System Sensor P2RHK-120 Horn Strobe, Red, Wall Mount, Two-Wire, FIRE Lettering, Outdoor, High Candela, 120V
Our Price: $106.85
Our Price: $39.95
Our Price: $72.75
D4120 System Sensor | JMAC Supply P2R System Sensor | JMAC Supply P2RHK-120 System Sensor | JMAC Supply
System Sensor P2RK Horn Strobe, Red, Wall Mount, Two-Wire, FIRE Lettering, Outdoor System Sensor 2WTA-B Photoelectric i3 Smoke Detector, 2-Wire, Thermal Sensor, Built-In Sounder System Sensor C4-WITAR-B Photoelectric i3 Smoke Detector, 4-Wire, Isolated Thermal Sensor, Built-In Sensor, Form C Relay
Our Price: $57.00
Our Price: $34.79
Our Price: $62.00
P2RK System Sensor | JMAC Supply 2WTA-B System Sensor | JMAC Supply 4WITAR-B System Sensor | JMAC Supply
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Since 1984, System Sensor has worked hard to become one of the largest manufacturers of fire detection and notification equipment in today's market. As specialists in smoke detection, they take pride in their research and development of new technologies. As a result, System Sensor produces a line of products that are reliable, sophisticated and designed for real-world applications. Whether you're looking for conventional detection in the form of smoke detectors and CO detectors or detectors with strobes and horns or even sprinkler system monitors or HVAC system monitoring, System Sensor has something that will fit your required application. They even have a new line of intelligent smoke detectors, providing more reliability and less false alarms.