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UPC: 000000001164
Also known as: T3BLS, MR-T3BLS

Our Price: $41.25

Also known as: T1ABJS, MR-T1ABJS

Our Price: $41.25


Upgrade your sensor to detect the presence of metals nearby with a cost-effective and straightforward stand-alone ferrous proximity sensor from the MAGNASPHERE sensor series. The sensors in MAGNASPHERE do not require additional bias magnets to operate because it is itself a magnet. With other sensors, you also face issues with cost and size. Furthermore, the sensors from the MAGNASPHERE sensor series features unique magnetic capabilities that can improve vibratory stability compared to non-mercury alternatives. Stand-alone reed or hall effect switches do not have this capability. With MAGNASPHERE, you get a ferrous metal ball, in a contained housing, a low cost, low jitter, and non-mercury tilt switch that can be easily configured.

We carry industrial-grade non-mercury switch and sensors from MAGNASPHERE sensor series that are designed for use in heavy truck vehicles or rigorous applications that need hermetically sealed, non-contact sensing and switching such as:

  • MAGNASPHERE 1597 Proximity Switch
  • MAGNASPHERE T1-AB-JS Unidirectional Tilt Switch - an industrial-grade non-mercury switch with an angle of operation that activates on around 180 degrees and off at approximately 180 degrees. This switch is RoHS compliant, chemically inert, sealed from the atmosphere and water, and requires no standby power consumption. (Configurable to either Form A or Form B)
  • Omnidirectional Tilt Switch - this switch is similar to a unidirectional tilt switch, but with different angle of operation that is 11 degrees above typical horizontal actuation and 6 degrees above typical horizontal return.

The Sensors by Noram are also part of the sensor series and suitable for rigorous applications like fire trucks needing a rugged, hermetically sealed sensor:

  • Switch-Magnet Assembly 042
  • Magnet Proximity Sensor (High Current) 086
  • Side Sensor Switch (High Current) 087
  • Magnet 059
  • Recessed Proximity Sensor 061
  • Magnetic Proximity Sensor 070

Noram sensors are all made with MAGNASPHERE switch technology for higher security. Moreover, all the products from the sensors series are virtually unbreakable, tested to UL 634 level and highly resistant to contact welding. There are various security levels of UL 634. If you’re looking for the highest level of security, consider devices from MAGNASPHERE HSS Series which comply with UL 634 Level 2, a higher standard required by the most secure facilities in government.

You can find many products from the MAGNASPHERE sensor series available at wholesale pricing from JMAC Supply. All orders ship out same day to a nationwide location.

Contact JMAC support at 516-812-0917 for professional assistance finding the right switch and sensor for the needs of your business.

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