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Ditek Television Protection Ditek Voice/Data Protection Ditek UPS/AC Power Protection
CCTV & CATV power, video, and data surge protection
Surge protection for voice & data lines, including PoE devices, RJ connectors and more
Protection for AC powered devices, as well as UPS/battery backup solutions
Ditek Complete Surge Solutions
Complete surge protection systems, standalone devices, and more
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Ditek DTK-4LVLPCR Card Reader Surge Protector, 12V Power, 24V Power Ditek DTK-120HW Equipment Panel, Dedicated Circuit Surge Protector, Split Phase, 120VAC Ditek DTK-2LVLPLV Voice, Data and Signaling Circuit Surge Protector, 2 Pairs, #22-16 Wire Gauge, 24V
Our Price: 43.19
Our Price: 33.40
Our Price: 48.25
DTK-4LVLPCR Ditek | JMAC Supply DTK-120HW Ditek | JMAC Supply DTK-2LVLPLV Ditek | JMAC Supply
Ditek DTK-2MHLP-24B Voice, Data, Signaling Circuit Modular Surge Protector, 24V Ditek DTK-2MHLP-36BWB Voice, Data, Signaling Circuit Modular Surge Protector, 36V, Single Mounting Base Ditek DTK-8FF 8-Outlet Plug-In Surge Protector
Our Price: 47.80
Our Price: 57.06
Our Price: 23.00
DTK-2MHLP-24B Ditek | JMAC Supply DTK-2MHLP36BWB Ditek | JMAC Supply DTK-8FF Ditek | JMAC Supply
Ditek DTK-PVP27B Fixed Camera Surge Protector, BNC Video Ditek DTK-MRJPOE PoE Power/Video/Data Surge Protector Ditek DTK-1F Single Outlet AC Surge Protector
Our Price: 65.75
Our Price: 44.25
Our Price: 13.25
DTK-PVP27B Ditek | JMAC Supply DTK-MRJPOE Ditek | JMAC Supply DTK-1F Ditek | JMAC Supply
Ditek DTK-2LVLPF Fire Alarm Surge Protector, 1-2 Pairs, #22-10 Wire Gauge, 24V Ditek DTK-MRJ31XSCPWP Alarm Dialer Surge Protector Ditek DTK-120/240CMPLUS 120/240VAC Surge Protector, Split Phase
Our Price: 48.50
Our Price: 26.75
Our Price: 35.69
DTK-2LVLPF Ditek | JMAC Supply DTK-MRJ31XSCPWP Ditek | JMAC Supply DTK-120/240CMPLUS Ditek | JMAC Supply
Ditek DTK-4LVLPLV Voice, Data and Signaling Circuit Surge Protector, 4 Pair, #22-16 AWG, 24V Ditek DTK-2MHLP24BWB Voice, Data and Signaling Circuit Modular Surge Protector, 24V, Single Mounting Base Ditek DTK-MRJ45C5E Gigabit Ethernet Surge Protector
Our Price: 49.95
Our Price: 53.95
Our Price: 49.99
DTK-4LVLPLV Ditek | JMAC Supply 2MHLP24BWB Ditek | JMAC Supply MRJ45C5E Ditek | JMAC Supply
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Ditek Corporation is a premier manufacturer of surge protectors, and power electronics. They manufacture a large variety of surge protection devices, connectors, and controllers. From CCTV, to voice & data, to AC power, and more, Ditek Corporation manufactures high quality surge protection devices for a multitude of security applications. Ditek also manufactures total surge protection solutions for alarm systems and security systems as well. Products like the DTK-PVPIP and the DTK-1F showcase exactly the kind of high quality devices that Ditek is known for. The DTK-PVPIP is a camera surge protector for power, data, and video protection that allows for full Gigabit Ethernet transmission speed. The DTK-1F is a single output wall mount AC power surge protector.