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What is the range of a Honeywell 5881ENH wireless receiver?

Last Updated: 11/07/2013
The limiting factor is not the wireless receiver but the range of the wireless transmitter with which it's communicating.

The typical Honeywell wireless transmitter has a range of about 200 feet.  That is the maximum distance a wireless transmitter can be installed away from a wireless receiver.  That said, there are Honeywell transmitters with more limited ranges, like the 5814 wireless door and window sensor, which only has a 100 foot signal range.  For the best results, find a centralized location in your home or office and install the wireless receiver there.  This will give you the best chances of keeping your receiver in range of its corresponding transmitters.

You can also recruit the help of a wireless repeater, like the 5800RP, which increases transmitter signal strength up to 400 feet.  Using multiple wireless repeaters in parallel can increase transmitter range even further.  This is essential information to know as you begin planning and installing your home or office security system.

Which wireless receiver is right for you?

Consider the options.  There are wireless receivers that are compatible with hardwired Vista Control Panels.  Some wired keypads, like the 6160RF Keypad, actually have wireless receivers built-in, which is convenient because your system needs a keypad for programming and a receiver to work with your sensors.  You are effectively killing two birds with one stone, and saving yourself time and money.

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