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How do I change the code on my 2835 Lever Lock?

Last Updated: 12/10/2013

Follow these instructions to change the code for the 2835 Lever Lock:

1. Remove the four red screws from the back of the lock body.
2. Disconnect the cover plate carefully.
3. Hold down the "C" button to free up the tumblers.
4. Still holding the "C" button, add or remove Code tumblers (red) and Non-code tumblers (blue), making sure the notched side of each tumbler fits correctly into its slot. (Note: 3 Red tumblers make a 3-digit code. 4 red tumblers make a 4-digit code.)
5. Lock the tumblers in place by releasing the "C" button.
6. Reattach the cover plate with the four red screws.
7. Test the new code to make sure it works before installing it back onto the door.

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