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How do I mount the Macurco HD-11 hydrogen gas detector?

Last Updated: 12/09/2013

Here are some easy to follow mounting instructions for your Macurco HD-11 detector.

Designed for use with alarm control panels to monitor levels of hydrogen gas, this product requires no maintenance and can be either flush or surface mounted. Keep in mind that it's best
to use the same spacing as smoke detectors: 30-foot centers, 900 square feet per detector.

Here are the mounting instructions:

1. Mount your HD-11 on a wall about 1 foot below the ceiling.
2. The 3-part plastic case allows the HD-11 to be either mounted or installed over a 4-inch square or double gang electrical box, providing a near flush mount. Remove the HD-11 snap on the front cover before installation. Just lightly pry the front cover off the mounting plate (middle section) with a coin or flat screwdriver inserted into the vent at the bottom. Once the cover is off, the electronics and mounting plate will be exposed.
3. For a flush mount: Remove the 2 screws and rear cover from the mounting plate and use the appropriate hole pattern for installation. The 4 holes toward the center of the mounting plate will match the hole pattern of a double gang electrical box, and the 4 holes near the corners match the pattern of a 4-inch square box. Mount the HD-11 so the side marked "TOP" on the mounting plate is at the highest side. Snap the front cover back on when complete, confirm that the lights line up with the access holes.

4. Use the com. and N.C. alarm relay connections when using the HD-11 with normally close (NC) initiating circuits.

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