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How do I program a Honeywell 5822T transmitter to my L5100 Lynx Touch?

Last Updated: 12/05/2013

The process of connecting the 5822T tilt sensor, or transmitter, to your Honeywell L5100 Lynx Touch control panel is fairly simple. You must program the transmitter to detect the status of the garage door.

Here's how:

1. Enter panel programming and press "program", then "Zones"
2. Scroll down to zones 46,47, or 48- the ones designed for garage door monitoring- and select the zone you wish to edit
3. Find out the transmitter serial number by by pressing "Serial Number." Fault and restore the garage door transmitter 3 times, waiting for a beep each time. You should hear 3 beeps, which confirms the wireless zone, and the screen will return to the Zone Screen.
4. Press "Device Type."
5. Select "Garage Door."
6. Press "Response Type." Choose "Garage" for an alarm protection point or "Garage Monitor" if you only wish to monitor the garage door status. Then you must choose between 'Alarm Report', 'Chime', and Transmitter 'Supervision.' Note that 'Garage Monitor' does not report, it just works as an open/close indicator. Don't forget to press the save button to complete zone programming.

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