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Can I watch home security camera video remotely?

Last Updated: 11/21/2013

Yes, you can monitor security camera video remotely using just about any device with internet connection, including a smartphone or tablet computer.

The kicker is you need to get Honeywell's Total Connect Service. Total Connect Accounts allow users to access not just security camera feeds, but also lock/unlock doors, arm/disarm their security system, and even receive email and text alerts about their security system. To qualify for Total Connect, users must equip their Honeywell Control Panel with either an internet communicator or a cellular communicator. Many users opt for installing both because it creates reliable, dual-path communication with their central monitoring station.

Once the communicator is in place and activated with Honeywell's Total Connect Service, users can use their broadband internet service to achieve remote video surveillance where they can watch live camera feeds on a computer, smartphone, or other mobile device. Total Connect works with a maximum of six security cameras, and can even send you periodic video clips every time motion is detected by a camera.

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