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How do I program my LYNX security system duress code?

Last Updated: 11/19/2013


Follow these instructions to set your LYNX Security System Duress Code:

Make sure your system is disarmed.

1) Click "More" on the home screen of your Lynx Panel.
2) Select "Tools".
3) A keypad will be displayed. Enter your master code.
4) Select the "Users" icon on the user screen. In this menu you can program your system's master code, babysitter code, duress code, and user codes.
5) Choose "Duress" and "Edit".
6) Enter a 4-digit duress code. (For the L3000, the duress code is equivalent to "user #8")
7) Click "Save". Then back out to the home screen.

Your duress code is now programmed.

Click here to learn what a duress code is.

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