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How do I program a House ID for LYNX Control Panels?

Last Updated: 11/18/2013

That depends on which LYNX Control Panel you have.

For the LYNX Touch L5100 and the L5000...
Click "More" on the keypad's home screen and then access the "Tools" menu. Type in your installer code (default code is 4112). Click "System Type", then "RF House Code." The number in this field (1-31) should be the same at your wireless device's House ID.

For the LYNX Plus L3000...
From the home screen, type in your installer code (default: 4112), followed by (800). Type (*24) to access the House ID menu. Enter the House ID in the 01-31 range. Enter (*99) to leave the programming menu.

A House ID is...
a 2-digit code that is programmed into wireless control panels and wireless devices to allow them to communicate with each other.

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