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Can LYNX security systems work without monitoring?

Last Updated: 11/18/2013

Yes, LYNX security systems can work without a central monitoring plan.

The downside is you will not receive the numerous security benefits that come from having a central monitoring station watching over your home. With a self-monitoring system, an unauthorized intrusion will trigger an audible alarm...and that's it. If you or your neighbors are not around to hear it, burglars won't have much of a problem getting in and out with your stuff. The system will not contact the police or fire department during an emergency. That will be your job. Furthermore, without a home monitoring plan, you will miss out on the home insurance discounts that many insurance companies offer homeowners with monitored security systems. So, while self-monitoring systems may seem financially enticing upfront, it's much easier for you to lose out in the long run due to increased risk of successful burglaries and higher home insurance premiums.

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