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What do the IS216 motion detector DIP switches control?

Last Updated: 11/15/2013

On the motion detector's circuit board, Switch 1 controls the LED light and Switch 2 controls device sensitivity. (This applies to the Honeywell IS215T as well)

Switch 1 is commonly triggered when the user is performing a walk test. The LED will flash when motion is detected, which will show the user that the detector is operating property. Once a walk test is complete, move the switch to turn off the LED light.

Switch 2 controls motion detector sensitivity. Out of the box, the IS216 motion detector will already have Switch 2 set to maximum sensitivity. This detects motion after 2-4 steps are taken. Turning off Switch two will put the sensor in low sensitivity mode. In low sensitivity mode, the detector will recognize movement in pre-designated areas after 3-5 steps are taken.

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