Geology Resources and Information

Geology for Kids

Science Kids - Learn interesting facts and information about a range of science jobs and careers, including geologists.

Rocks for Kids - Site dedicated to kids who love rocks and minerals.

KidsGeo - An in-depth online geology textbook written for kids.

Geology for Teens - Online resources and interactive games for kids in grades 6-8 that are interested in learning about geology.

University of Washington Camper Links - A collection of resources and important links for campers.

Kids Info - Interesting and important facts about our earth and the earth's interior for students and teachers.

Earth Science Activities - A collection of activities in adaptive earth science.

Identifying Minerals - Resource to help educate kids who are interested in learning about minerals and the earth.

Geology Games and Quizzes

Science Review Games -Geology review games.

National Geographic Kids - Geology quizzes and puzzles.

Sporcle - Geology trivia quizzes and games.

Zoodles - 31 free, fun and educational games.

SoftSchools - Geology rock types quiz.

Geology Games - Geological puzzles, crosswords and interactive games.

Science Games - Free index of earth science and geology online games.

School of Rock - Fun interactive website for children t learn about geology and the earth.

Geology Resources and Information

USGS - Geology Research and Information.

Washington State Department of Natural Resources - Information regarding geology and earth sciences.

National Geographic - A large collection of facts, photos and valuable information about the earth.

Geologic Maps - Learn interesting facts about geologic maps.

GeologyNet - Software and information for geologists with an online web directory.

Best Crystals - Extensive information regarding crystals and minerals.

Geologic Information Center - A specialized library and archive focusing on geologic data relating to New Mexico's mining and petroleum industries, mineral and water resources, and geology.

About Geology - Geology resources for students, teachers and hobbyists.

University of Wisconsin - A collection of geoscience educational resources.

Eastern New Mexico University Geology Resources - A collection of educational and interesting geology, environmental and earth science resources.

EHS Geology and Earth Science - A collection of educational resources for geology, the atmosphere and earth science.

Saint Joseph's College - A collection of educational resources on geology and the environment.

Geology Lessons for Teachers

Teaching Earth Science - A list of teacher resources that can easily be modified and incorporated into the earth science classroom.

The Geological Society of America - Resources for K-12 Earth Science Educators.

Teaching Structural Geology - A variety of resources for faculty members to design an undergraduate structural geology course.

Utah Geological Survey - A collection of general educational materials on geology, geologic resources, geologic hazards, and landscapes of Utah.

Newton Ask A Scientist - An online community and educational resources for science, math and computer science teachers and students.

Earthquake Education Resources - A guide to useful educational resources for students K-12.

ThinkQuest - Minerals projects by students for students.