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The SP-1 is a touch sensitive wall switch which is generally used as a superior alternative to wall mounted mechanical push buttons. It uses touch sensing technology to create a push plate with no moving parts. The unit is oversized to cover a single gang cutout.

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This device operates a set of internal dry contacts when touched by the human hand (even through gloves). It also includes an internal timer (0-25 seconds), a red LED which indicates operation and a redundant backup switch. With a shipping weight of 1.5lbs and an operating temperature of +32 to +110F (0 to +43C) making it intended for indoor use only.

Note: There are three ways to know that the SP-1 is working when you install it correctly. The LED should come on, the relay should click and be heard, and the device should do what it is supposed to in the installation. If you get the click and LED but the unit doesn’t work, check the installer wiring. If there isn’t a click or LED, then the sensor is not reading the touch.

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It has a voltage of 12 or 24VDC and a current draw of 40mA at rest and 25mA releasing. A vinyl press-on label is supplied with the SP-1 which says “Touch to Exit” and includes a graphic of a hand.

If so desired an international handicap symbol is also available but must be ordered separately as the SP-1LH. A regular label touch plate can also be ordered as the SP-1L. Lastly the MagnaCare lifetime replacement, no fault warranty comes with the product.

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