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UL Certificate of Compliance (CoC)
CSFM 3774-0923:0104

ANSI/UL 294 Listed

C22.2 No.205 Listed

CSFM – California State Fire Marshal

California State Fire Marshal: 3774-0923:104

U.S. Patents:EEB2 & EEB3N

Underwriter's Laboratories: File BP7041 (UL 294)

EEB is a two-inch square emergency exit button, which is mounted on a stainless steel plate. This exit device is a backup to ensure safe egress. Installed next to the door, it provides additional safety as required by code when using a motion detector. When pressing the button, it will release the door for 30 seconds. If pressed again during the 30-second lock release period, the unit will “retrigger” which will begin a new 30-second lock release period.

Note: The exact release time will vary with temperature, but it will not be less than 30 seconds.

With an operating temperature of 32 to 110F (0 to 43C) this is intended only for release of a magnetic lock from the inside of a door. It operates on 12 or 24 VDC and includes switchable green, red and blue lenses. Note the red and white wires from the EEB2/3N must receive voltage from the same power supply.

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Different models of the EEB have individual specifications. The EEB2 for example is a two-inch square, exit button, mounted using the included mounting device, while the EEB3N is a rectangular button mounted directly on a 1 ¾” key plate, that’s placed on a narrow stile aluminum door frame.

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There are similarities however, such as the EEB2 and the EEB3N both operate on 12 VDC or 24 VCD and can accept the use of full-wave rectified DC. They have a 3A switching capacity and a timer set for 30 seconds. Both are factory shipped with the jumper in place and they draw no current when at rest.

Then there are the different kits for this exit device, such as the illumination kit models, with the PB2-LK, which is a kit for the PB2E, PB5E, and EEB2. The other is the PB3-LK, which is an illumination kit for the PB3E and EEB3N series.

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