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WBB Securitron | JMAC Supply Securitron WBB Weatherproof Back Box

Securitron WBB Weather Back Box

Our Price: $32.06
WCC Securitron | JMAC Supply Securitron WCC Weather Cover, Clear

Securitron WCC Weather Cover - Clear

Our Price: $48.05
DK-16P Securitron | JMAC Supply Securitron DK-16P Digital Keypad, Indoor, Single Gang

Securitron DK-16P Digital Keypad Pad - Indoor, Single Gang

Our Price: $141.90
DK-16 Securitron | JMAC Supply Securitron DK-16 Digital Keypad System, Indoor, Single Gang

Securitron DK-16 Digital Keypad System - Indoor, Single Gang

Our Price: $259.90

The DK-16 is a version of Securitrons DK-26 digital keypad system that has changed from the narrow unit standard to an indoor single gang type. It is secure, easy to program single door control system; however, it provides a medium/ high-security control of electric locks in a one or two door application where both of the doors would have the same control needs.

There is only one model for the DK-16 besides its standard issue, which comes with a keypad and controller. The other model is the DK-16P which comes with only the keypad. Like the DK-12, it has the accessories to make it weather proof, with the WBB (Weather Back Box) and the WCC (Weather Cover Clear).

Its tamper resistant and provides a 12 key 3x4 keypad with a 10-key operation for use and programming. Its encased in a separate enclosure for secure installation; it is designed for high volume indoor use in controlling entry through electrically locked doors. The electrical specifications are 12 VAC/VDC: 7 mA at rest; 160 mA active or 24 VAC/VDC: 20 mA at rest; 190 mA active. The controller offers REX input and relay output for lock control, alarm shunt or other interfaces.

Two wall boxes are supplied with the DK-16, a backless wall box which is used for dry wall or other material that can be cut. The second is a two-piece wall box for a variety of other materials. At a temperature of +32 to +158F [0 to +70C] for CPU and +32 to +110F [0 to +43C], the keypad works best indoors. However, this too has the optional rain cover (WCC) or a gasket back box (WBB) to allow reliable use for the outdoors. It is not advised to be used in areas exposed to heavy direct rain or snow.

For installation instructions click here: Installation Instructions

With a smooth design and the stainless steel plate, its aesthetically pleasing. The keypad is 2-3/4"W x 4-1/2"H x 5/32"D and the enclosure is 6W x 8H x 3D, making it easy to install in smaller places. The entry device is also engraved and has paint filled numbers with and red, green and yellow LEDs for status and programming feedback. Like the DK-26 it also has an audible keystroke echo and a controller mounted inside a plastic enclosure. Up to 59 users and has a user code and/or hard code disable feature.

For its architectural specifications click here: Architectural Specifications

For quick tips on how to use the DK-16 hard code to disable user codes, click here

For tips on how to use that code to toggle for fail secure, click here

To learn how to use the hard code to toggle for fail safe, click here

Lastly to use the keypads video recorder to record each transaction, click here

The DK-16 has a (REX) or Request to exit input and a 5A DPDT relay output. It has a True 10 digit operation (keys are not paired), 3 LEDs and a beeper. Finally it is 16ft (4.8m), 12 conductor, and 22 gauge keypad cable and comes with the MagnaCare lifetime replacement, no fault warranty. Note that a DK-16P keypad can be mixed with a DK-26P keypad in a two keypad installation.

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