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8100DSHM HID | JMAC Supply HID 8100DSHM
Our Price: $279.00
8101DSHM HID | JMAC Supply HID 8101DSHM
Our Price: $351.00
8100DSHC HID | JMAC Supply HID 8100DSHC
Our Price: $404.00
8101DSCM HID | JMAC Supply HID 8101DSCM
Our Price: $705.00
8101DSHC HID | JMAC Supply HID 8101DSHC
Our Price: $608.00
8101DSDF HID | JMAC Supply HID 8101DSDF
Our Price: $411.00
Use the most popular and secure contactless smart card technology with a Mifare Readers. These readers are capable of reading Mifare cards which offer a higher level of security than magnetic strip cards or most proximity card because they operate at 13.56 Mhz with a secured and encrypted transmission exchange. Mifare addresses the security issues 125khz by making the communication between reader and card two way and encrypted. They also feature additional storage space on the card that can be utilized for such things like offline locking systems or storage of credit for sale systems. A card can store values up to 1 kilobyte of data. Mifare have the most secure smart card technology in the industry today, which is the reason why Mifare readers are widely used. Many readers are compatible with many forms of Mifare such as the Mifare CSN, Mifare Classic, ICT Secured Mifare, and Mifare DESFire.