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For the last 170 years, Hager has been committed to manufacturing full-line door hardware. it is done with a lot of respect for the quality, standing and brilliance acquired over century-plus old lessons. The company holds a rich portfolio, with thousands of products in its catalog. If you are looking for solutions in access control, hinges, and other door hardware, Hager would be an excellent place to start looking. It is also chief to note that all products manufactured here are so done through sustainable means. All Hager products are also sold with very detailed instructions to ensure efficient and correct installation. Be it a megaproject that you are working on or a hope DIY, check our what Hager has to offer. Contact us to find out more at (516) 812-0917.

Hager Catalog List

Hager Installation Instructions

1303 DBL ACT Spring Hinge Installation Instructions
2500 Series Grade 2 Lever Set Installation Instructions
2517 Dummy Instructions - Direct Door Mounting
2550 and 2553 Lever Re-Key Supplemental Instructions
2570 Grade 2 Leverset Timing Instructions
380 - Door Holder Instructions
5100 Series Door Closer - Delayed Action Instructions
5100 Series Installation Instructions
5125, 5106, 5108, 5961 Heavy Duty Parallel Arm Installation Instructions
5200 Series Door Closer Installation Instructions
5300 Series Door Closer Installation Instructions
5400 Series Non-Hold Open Door Closer Installation Instructions
Installation Instructions 790-905, 790-926
Installation Instructions 790-909
Installation Instructions for 790-900, 790-911, 790-915
Installation Instructions for 790-903, 790-935
Installation Instructions for 790-904, 790-906
Installation Instructions for Reverse Acting Spring Hinges 1257, 1258, 1259
Installation Instructions for Spring Hinge Series: 1150, 1250, 1750
Installation Instructions for Spring Hinge Series: EC1105
Installation Instructions Models: 790-905 and 790-926
Instructions SS Continuous Hinge with Electric Modifications - ETW E1S
Roton 1200-600XHD, 1200-650XHD Instruction Sheet
Roton 500-048 Instruction Sheet
Roton 500-200 Instruction Sheet
Roton 500-220 Instruction Sheet
Roton 750-134 Instruction Sheet
Roton 750-138 Instruction Sheet
Roton 78-257HD Instruction Sheet
Roton 780-041 Instruction Sheet
Roton 780-053, 780-054 Instruction Sheet
Roton 780-110 Instruction Sheet
Roton 780-111, 780-112, 780-226, 780-235 Instruction Sheet
Roton 780-155 Instruction Sheet
Roton 780-211 Instruction Sheet
Roton 780-213 Instruction Sheet
Roton 780-257 Instruction Sheet
Roton 780-259 Instruction Sheet
Roton 780300HD Instruction Sheet
Roton Electrical Modifications Sheet
Roton Hinge UL Fire-Rated Studs - 780-041
Roton Hinge UL Fire-Rated Studs - 780-111, -112, -124, -224, -226, -235
Roton Hinge with Electric Modifications - Concealed ETW, Full Surface Instructions
Roton Hinge with Electric Modifications - ETW and EMN Instructions
Roton Hinge with Electric Modifications - Removable ETW Instructions

Hager Price Book