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Electroline has a storied history of success and innovation in the cable telecommunications field, reaching as far back as 1953. They have worked effortlessly to maintain top position as one of the best retailers of cable television local distribution devices. Presently, the company deals in broadband, optics, tap systems, drop amplifiers and management tools used in the industry. Their devices simplify transmitting cable TV signals over coaxial cables to multiple dwelling units.

Electroline's Drop Amplifiers and splitters can split signals from one to up to eight outgoing signals, ideal for small family housing cable TV distribution, with convenient designs that make mounting on walls or in any position simple and effortless. In addition to that, most of their drop amplifiers provide 0 dB of loss in return path management.

Renowned for its high caliber products, Electroline maintains that reputation by seeking out ideas and opportunities via its customers. Electroline's "Customer Knows Best" approach brings forward the finest quality and the most practical solutions available on the market.

Every successful business starts with ambition. That ambition for Electroline was to improve the cable industry. The conception of this ambition occurred in 1953, and it is still growing to date. Factors such as industry experience, manufacturing quality, leading technologies, and dedicated customer support keep Electroline in the lead.

The firm has a global reach but it is run from Saint-Laurent, Canada. If you have any questions or need help selecting Electroline products that fit your installation or integrated CATV solutions, please contact us at (516) 812-0917.