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Bosch FMR-DACT-KEYPAD DACT Keypad Programmer LCD Annunciator
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Bosch FMR-DACT-KEYPAD DACT Keypad Programmer LCD Annunciator


  • The FMRDACTKEYPAD Programmer is a fourwire alphanumeric liquid crystal display (LCD) keypad used as a programming device for Bosch Security Systems, Inc. DACTs. The programmer is used for programming and debugging only while it is connected to the DACT.

    The FMRDACTKEYPAD keypad has a twoline, 16character display showing information on various DACT programming functions. In most cases, the first line contains general system status information; the second line describes the specific programming menus and prompts.

    Features | Display

    The Remote Command Center utilizes an LCD panel with a broad viewing angle and 80 characters (4 lines x 20 characters). The display is equipped with a long-lasting LED backlight. The backlight is controlled by the panel or is locally activated by pressing any key for 30 seconds if no key is pressed. Even when AC power is lost, the LED illumination remains on if the keypad is being used.

    System Norma
    When there are no warnings or problems in the system, only the Power LED is illuminated and no additional LEDs are lit. The LCD screen displays two banner lines, the system status line and the current date and time.

    System Off-normal
    If any out-of-the-ordinary situation exists, the panel will display the number of out-of-the-ordinary conditions organized into groups. There are four groups: fire alarm, gas alarm, supervision, and difficulty. The panel may store up to 255 events per group at once. Any event that is restored is removed from the list.

    Piezo Sounder
    The Remote Command Center is equipped with a piezo sounder that offers auditory system status information. In the event of numerous system activations, the state with the highest priority is displayed.

    Functional Keys
    The Remote Command Center's operation buttons are as follows:

    The acknowledgement key is available without limitation. During an alert, pressing the button silences the piezo sounder on an annunciator.

    The device key lock can be used to enable or disable the Drill key. Drilling is prohibited if any fire alarm or supervisory conditions are present. Upon execution of the drill, a Drill Start Report is recorded in the history and, if so configured, transmitted to the central station. All non-bypassed NACs activate and play their programmed patterns. When the drill operation stops, all activated NACs turn off and a Drill Stop Report is logged into the history and, if so programmed, the report is transmitted to the central station. Stopping the drill automatically performs a system reset, restoring normal functionality to the panel and all field devices.

    The device's key lock can enable and disable the Reset button. When reset operation is initiated, the piezo sounders and activated or silenced outputs turn off. All alarm, supervisory, and troubles caused by activation of SLC points are cleared. Then the control panel tries to reset all points that are in off-normal status. Not all system trouble conditions are affected by reset operation. Any input points remaining offnormal are re-indicated after reset. Reset operations are logged into the history and, if so programmed, the control panel transmits a reset report to the central station.

    Silence: The silence key can be enabled and disabled by the device key lock. When the silence operation is initiated, the "Silenced" LED turns on, the panel goes into a "Silenced" status, and the piezo sounders on all keypads and annunciators turn off.
    • Four wire alphanumeric LCD keypad with two-line, 16 character display

    Technical Specifications:

    • Product Type: Programming Keypad
    • Width (mm): 152.4
    • Width: 6"
    • Height (mm): 127
    • Certifications & Standards: UL864California State Fire Marshall (CSFM)
    • Height: 5"
    • Compatibility: Bosch Systems:DS9602D9068FPT-DACT Fire Communicators
    • Color: Red
    • Depth: 1"
    • Input Voltage: 12 V DC
    • Device Supported: Alarm Communicator
    • Input Voltage (V DC): 12
    • Depth (mm): 25.4

    UPC: 782695122730

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