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Resources and Information on the Field of Robotics

Helpful Resources For Kids
Science Kids - Learn about robotics with this introductory lesson.

Robotics Resources - Online courses, articles and competition information for children interested in robotics.

Robot Facts - Idaho Public Television provides facts about robots and robotics for children.

Science News for Kids - Interesting occupations for children interested in the field of robotics.

Robotics for Fun - Interactive workshops and robot kits for children to learn about robotics.

Kids Robotic Academy - Robotics science and technology programs for students and children.

Robotics Resources

TechLab - Instructions on constructing a robot and information on the field of robotics.

History of Robotics - A brief history of the evolution of robotics through the years.

Robotics Resource - The ultimate source for information regarding robotics.

National Instruments - Offers intuitive and productive design tools for everything from designing autonomous vehicles to teaching robotics design principal.

RobotRealm - An application for use in computer vision, image analysis, and robotic vision systems.

The RoboBees - Collection of robotic resources by a competitive robotic team.

Benedettelli Robotics - Collection of educational and informative links about Robotics and LEGO.

Arrick Robotics - Collection of resources and information on robotics and product designs .

Jehudah Designs - A collection of useful resources and information on robotics, collectibles, and costumes.

Serv-O-Link Corp. - Collection of educational and informative links about Robotics.

Infernolab - Organization that designs and creates entertaining electromechanical robots, mechanisms, and devices..

Universities and Programs

Carnegie Mellon University CS Robotics Resources - Educational resources regarding the study of robotics.

MIT Field and Space Robotics - Massachusetts Institute of Technology study of field and space robotics.

John Hopkins Robotics - John Hopkins university computational sensing and robotics research.

Cornel Robotics - Study of robotics at Cornel University.

Worcester Polytechnic Institute - Graduate program for robotics engineering.

University of California, Berkeley Tele-Robotics - Collection of informative Tele-Robotic Links.

UNB Electrical and Computer Engineering - Collection of useful links, resources and research on robotics and electrical engineering.

Organizations and Clubs

NASA Robotics Alliance Project - A compilation of journals, articles and resources on the field of robotics.

Robotics Organizations - A compilation of organizations that focus on robotics.

Crash - Computers, Robotics, and Artists Society.

IEEE Robotics & Automation Society - Information, news and applied research in robotics and engineering.

MI Robotics - A celebration of the robotics industry in Michigan.

San Francisco Robotics Society - Dedicated to the exchange of information about robotics in order to stimulate education in the sciences.

GoFirst - A student organization to support the FIRST Robotics program in the Minneapolis and St. Paul areas..

Lancers Robotics - Educational resources on robotics and information on a female FIRST robotics team located in Honolulu.

NC First Robotics - Developed for kids interested in technology and the study of robotics to work with others in a team environment .

Robotics Journals and Article Publications

International Journal of Robotics Research - Collection of journals and research information on robotics.

Journal of Field Robotics - A collection of publications regarding the fundamentals of robotics in different environments.

Artificial Life and Robotics - An international journal publishing technical papers and reviews on the development of robotics.

Live Science Robotics - Collection of articles about the field of robotics.

Journal of Intelligent & Robotic Systems - A collection of peer reviewed contributions from initial concept to final product.

Guides and Tutorials

Razor Robotics - Detailed guides for beginners and advanced robot builders.

Robotics Guide - Beginner guide for building robots.

Let's Make Robots - Instructions on how to make you first robot.

Society of Robots - Step by step robot tutorial.

Alphabot Robot -Software and hardware technology involved in robotics.

Dick Cappels' Project Pages - A compiled list of projects for experienced robotics enthusiasts.

Instructables - Resources and instructional guides for robotic based projects.

Robot Shop - Tutorial on how to construct a robot.

Robot Studio Tutorials - A list of helpful tutorials and programming tool for robotics.

Robotics Competitions

First - For inspiration and recognition of science and technology mentor based program that build science, engineering and technology skills.

VEX Robotics Competition Events - VEX robotics competitions held in a number of cities, sates and countries.

EuroBot - An international amateur robotics contest open to teams of young people, organised either in student projects or in independent clubs.

RoboFest - Annual robotics festival and competition designed to promote and support Science, Engineering, Technology, Math and Computer Science for students .

Robot Expo - A non-competitive Robotics event for students where they could participate in challenges and present their unique robots

First Tech Challenge - Information and resources regarding robotics competitions and teams .

Knightkrawler Robotics Team - Information and technical resources regarding robotics, robotics competitions and teams .

Emek Hefer Thunderbolts Robotics - Useful robotics resources and information about a high school robotics team in Israel.

McKinley Robotics - Robotics resources and information on a FIRST Robotics team composed of students from President William McKinley High School in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Mitty Robotics - Educational resources on robotics and information regarding Mitty Robotics as well as other robotics competitions.

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