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Wireless Annunciator Series Fit Series iVision Series
Wireless 1000 Annunciator and Wireless 2000 Annunciator Series Devices
Fit Series, Compact Outdoor Dual Detectors
iVIsion Series, Wireless Video Intercoms
Request-to-Exit PIRs AX Series BX Series
Optex Request-to-Exit PIRs, for Access Control Systems
Optex, AX Series, Active Infrared Detectors
Optex BX Series Devices, featuring slim, attractive designs and easy installations
CX Series DCL Series DX Series
Optex CX Series Passive Infrared Detectors, with Double Conductive Shielding
Optex DCL Series Passive Infrared Detectors with Lights and Cameras
Optex DX Series Devices, featuring two-form detection with Passive Infrared Sensors and Microwave Sensors
EX Series FX Series HX Series
Optex EX Series PIR Sensors, low cost sensors with optimal performance
Optex FX Series, passive infrared detection in even the most hostile detection environments
Optex HX Series, 94 Zone Passive Infrared Detectors
KX Series LRP Series LX Series
Optex KX Series, Ceiling Mounted Passive Infrared Detectors
Optex LRP REDWALL Series Tamper Resistant, All Metal Construction, Passive Infrared Detectors
Optex LX Series, Weatherproof PIR Detectors with light sensor for day and night functionality
MRP Series MX Series RLS Series
Optex MRP Series, REDWATCH MULTI camera and PIR integrated together for simple installation and powerful performance
Optex MX Series Multi-Technology Microwave and Passive Infrared Detector Combinations
Optex RLS Series, RedScan Laser Sensors for medium to large sized locations
RN Series RX Series SIP Series
Optex RN Series, Rednet Beam Towers for maximum security
Optex RX Series, providing reliable PIR detection with Optex technology
Optex SIP Series, REDWALL V Synthesized Intelligent Passive Infrared Detectors
SX Series VX Series
Optex SX Series Ceiling Mounted Passive Infrared Detectors
Optex VX Series, Dual-Detection Zone PIR Detectors
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Optex LX-402 Weatherproof Passive Infrared Detector Optex RCTD-20U Wireless 2000 Alert Driveway Alarm Annunciator System Optex DX-40 Quad-Zone Microwave PIR Detector
Our Price: $64.85
Our Price: $107.95
Our Price: $56.75
LX-402 Optex | JMAC Supply RCTD-20U Optex | JMAC Supply DX-40 Optex | JMAC Supply
Optex RC-20U 3 Channel Receiver and Chime Box With Relay Optex VX-402 Passive Infrared Detector Optex CA-1W Multi-Angle Bracket for CX-702 Series / LX Series
Our Price: $80.66
Our Price: $159.95
Our Price: $9.36
RC-20U Optex | JMAC Supply VX-402 Optex | JMAC Supply CA-1W Optex | JMAC Supply
Optex CA-2C Multi-Angle Ceiling Bracket for CX-702 Series / LX Series Optex FX-360 360 Degree Ceiling Mount Passive Infrared Detector Optex MX-40PI Microwave Passive Infrared Detector
Our Price: $9.55
Our Price: $55.00
Our Price: $36.25
CA-2C Optex | JMAC Supply FX-360 Optex | JMAC Supply MX-40PI Optex | JMAC Supply
Optex RX-40PI Quad Technology Passive Infrared Sensor Optex SX-360Z 360 Degree Ceiling Mount PIR Detector Optex CX-502 Indoor Passive Infrared Detector
Our Price: $24.50
Our Price: $93.50
Our Price: $52.00
RX-40PI Optex | JMAC Supply SX-360Z Optex | JMAC Supply CX-502 Optex | JMAC Supply
Optex EX-35T Multi-Focus Selectable Coverage PIR Detector Optex FA-3 Wall Mount Bracket For FX-40, MX-40PI and RX-40PI Optex TC-10U Wireless Door Contact (Wireless Annunciator 2000 System)
Our Price: $23.75
Our Price: $15.00
Our Price: $37.00
EX-35T Optex | JMAC Supply FA-3 Optex | JMAC Supply TC-10U Optex | JMAC Supply
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