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Genesis NP/NPH Series Cyclon Monobloc and Single Cell Batteries Datasafe NPX Series
EnerSys NP Genesis Batteries, for emergency lights, security alarms, UPS systems and more. Rechargeable, Non-Spillable, VRLA Sealed Lead-Acid Batteries.
Single cell and multi-cell (monobloc) batteries for more flexible installations where full-sized SLA batteries won't fit or aren't practical
DataSafe NPX Batteries. VLRA Sealed, 50% more wattage & 30% reduction in size over conventional batteries, 3-5 years service life on standby, no topping up & a flame retardant container.
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Enersys NP1.2-6 6V 1.2Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery EnerSys NP7-12 Genesis NP Series 12V 7Ah SLA Battery (F1 Terminals) EnerSys NP4-12 12V 4 Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery
Our Price: $13.25
Our Price: $25.75
Our Price: $22.75
NP1.2-6 EnerSys | JMAC Supply NP7-12 EnerSys | JMAC Supply NP4-12 EnerSys | JMAC Supply
EnerSys NP12-12T 12 V 12 Ah GENESIS NP Battery w/ F2 Terminals EnerSys NP3-6 6 Volt 3 Ah SLA GENESIS NP Battery EnerSys NP1.2-12 12V 1.2 Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery
Our Price: $53.00
Our Price: $20.50
Our Price: $15.50
NP12-12T EnerSys | JMAC Supply NP3-6 EnerSys | JMAC Supply NP1.2-12 EnerSys | JMAC Supply
EnerSys NPX-35 12 Volt 35W/Cell DATASAFE NPX Battery EnerSys Cyclon 0800-0004 2 V 5 Ah X Cell Sealed-Lead Acid Battery EnerSys Cyclon 0809-0010 4 V 5 Ah X Monobloc Sealed-Lead Acid Battery
Our Price: $34.00
Our Price: $18.50
Our Price: $23.45
NPX-35 EnerSys | JMAC Supply 0800-0004 EnerSys | JMAC Supply 0809-0010 EnerSys | JMAC Supply
EnerSys Cyclon 0810-0004 2 V 2.5 Ah D Cell Sealed-Lead Acid Battery EnerSys Cyclon 0819-0012 6 V 2.5 Ah D Monobloc Sealed-Lead Acid Battery EnerSys NP10-6 - 6 Volt 10 Ah SLA GENESIS NP Battery
Our Price: $13.75
Our Price: $27.00
Our Price: $23.75
0810-0004 EnerSys | JMAC Supply 0819-0012 EnerSys | JMAC Supply NP10-6 EnerSys | JMAC Supply
EnerSys NP10-6FR 6 Volt 10 Ah Fire Retardant SLA GENESIS NP Battery EnerSys NP12-12TFR 12 Volt 12 Amp Flame Retardant GENESIS NP Battery EnerSys NP2.3-12FR 12 Volt 2.3 Ah Fire Retardant GENESIS NP Battery
Our Price: $26.50
Our Price: $44.25
Our Price: $28.25
NP10-6FR EnerSys | JMAC Supply NP12-12TFR EnerSys | JMAC Supply NP2.3-12FR EnerSys | JMAC Supply
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EnerSys Power Solutions has a long and storied history as a top manufacturer of Sealed Lead Acid Batteries, as well as monobloc batteries and single cell batteries, which are also sealed-lead acid rechargeable batteries. EnerSys's most popular line of batteries, the EnerSys Genesis Series, features a variety of 12 volt and 6 volt batteries in varying sizes and amperages. They are ideal for multiple different backup battery applications, such as telecommunications, UPS (uninterruptable power supplies), emergency lighting, GPS systems, aerospace and defense as well as medical equipment, or just about any other application that requires a battery backup.

The EnerSys Power family also includes the Cyclon series of batteries, which are an assortment of monobloc and single cell sealed-lead acid rechargeable batteries for many similar applications as the Genesis Series. Cyclon batteries are relatively smaller and might be a bit more practical in smaller devices or devices that draw less power. With a culmination of over seven decades of battery manufacturing experience, EnerSys is king when it comes to offering maintenance free, high energy density batteries with a long service life. EnerSys is one of the world s largest manufacturers and suppliers of valve regulated, lead-acid batteries with global manufacturing plants and an extensive distribution network throughout the world.